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Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya, Chonburi Province, Thailand

Board 1 : This is a sanctuary where people can gather to recognize the seven creators and the Four elements that will lead to the ideal world whether for each individually or for the whole world.

The steps that humanity must go through to reach such an ideal world includes the war between the good and the evil, spiritually and in battlefields. The creator of the art work presented here portrays this through woodcarvings the stories from two great  Mahabharta and Ramayana. These stories are meant to help fight

against personal desires and lust and to extinguish them.   

Board 2 : Wood sculptures on the pediment  Mahisha Sura Mardini, an episode of Turaga Defeating Mahingsa the ogre, symbolizing ignorance conquered by wisdom. Wood sculptures in the front gable  parents, as the creators who give life to their offspring. Parental love is clean and pure. It id giving without taking, just like water in a clear stream that refreshes the heart and soul. The kindness of a father and a mother id greater than the sky and the ocean.

Board 3 : Carvings  episodes from the Krishnavatar, the 8th reincarnation of Vishnu. They include Krishna on his cow Vardhana, Krishna standing on the head of Naga, Krishna and the cowherds, and Krishna on a swing with Radha. which is about the war between Good and evil on the Kurukasetra plain, Krishna drove The chariot of a Pandave king, the representative of Good who was waging war against the Evil, a Kaurava King. Before entering the battlefield, Krishna enlightened The Pandava king do that he would understand and could Perceive the cycle of birth and death. This became the teaching sermon of Vishnu, known as the Bhagavatgita, on of the most famous texts of Hinduism.

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Pattaya Page 22, Sanctuary of Truth, Banglamung, Pattaya, Chonburi