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Surin Province, Items of Interest in & around Surin, City Pillar Shrine, Surin National Museum.

City Pillar Shrine. The shrine is the sacred icon, the tutelary deity of the city and the province. Prior to 1968 the shrine did not house a pillar. This changed in 1968 when the Thai Fine Arts Department designed a new city shrine. A city pillar for this new shrine was made from a golden cassia log, donated by a Mr. Prasith Maneekan. A new shrine is under construction c. 2010.


The Monument of Phaya Surin Phakdi Si Narong Changwang ( Pum ). . This is a statue of Surin’s traditional founder and first mayor, Phaya Surin. The black, brass statue is 2.2 metres high, and was dedicated in 1968. The statue is located at the southern entrance to the city, at what is now a major traffic round-about, but was in the past, the inner wall of the city. Pum stands on a high plinth, and is depicted holding a with curve-blade pike in right hand. This is a traditional device used to control an elephant. The pike reflects his legendary skill in controlling war elephants, and recognises the important of the role of elephants in both the history and economy of Surin.


Wat Burapharam.  This ancient Buddhist temple was built by Surin’s first mayor Phaya Surin Phakdi Si Narong Changwang. The Wat houses a Buddha image of Luang Pho Phra Chi, which was built at the same time as the temple.


Surin National Museum.  The Surin National Museum was established in 1974. It was first housed in the Surin City Hall, but was later moved to the Surin Education Office. In 1992 the Thai Fine Arts Department proposed a dedicated museum building for the province. Construction of the museum began in 1995, and was completed in 2010. The Museum is now located in Ban Nongtao, Chaniang sub-district, Mueang district, on highway 214. The Museum covers five topics: natural science, history-archaeology, local history, ethnology, and local heritage.


Lower Isan Art and Crafts Centre. . Located on a bypass road, close to Tambon Nok Mueang Administration organization, southeast of Surin City. The centre displays art and culture exhibits of Lower Isan.


Huai Saneng. Huai Saneng Reservoir has a high and steep crest. Its southern area has a rich display of water lilies and flocks of birds. The palace of Mother Princess is located in the headquarter


Phanom Sawai Forest Park. The park has a hill with three peaks. The first peak, Yot Khao Chai, or the Man Peak, is where Wat Phanom Sawai is located. The second peak, Yot Khao Ying, or the Lady Peak, houses a medium-size Buddha image. The third peak, Yot Khao Kok, houses an octagon pavilion.

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