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Surin Proviince, Places to see in & around Surin Province, Mueang Thi Khmer ruins, etc

Mueang Thi Khmer Ruins. Built from brick and cement, these Khmer ruins comprised 5 stupas on a base, with the largest in the middle and the rest at 4 corners. One stupa at the corner has completely damaged.


Ban Buthom Basketry Village. The village is famed for its rattan basketry. The basketry is a major complement to the income the village derives from agriculture. A notable feature of the basketry is that the villages do not paint lacquer on the finished product, which may cause the growth of fungus, but soak their basketry with lemon, carambola, or kaffir lime to make it glossy.


Village of Chansoma Golden Brocade, Ban Tha Sawang. The village is highly recognised for its 1,416-heddled, gold-brocaded silk, being offered to Her Majesty the Queen. The outstanding performance of the village is that it was selected by the government to weave cloth for the shirts of 21 APEC leaders and the shawls of their spouses.


Khwao Sinarin Handicrafts Village The community is famed for local-style silk cloth called Hol - which is considered the best silk sloth. Ban Chok village is the first village to produce silver buttons called ‘Luk Pa Kueam’ which is used as decorations for lady.


Ban Phlai Khmer Ruins.Three brick stupa’s in the same line are surrounded with moat except on the east. Although Shiva Linga and some lintels are missing, the remaining artifacts are kept at Phimai National Museum indicate that the Khmer Ruins was built in 11th Century.


Ban Phluang Khmer Ruins. A small sanctuary, but with excellent stone carving. Facing east, the single stupa stands on large rectangular laterite base. The main door is real, while other three are false doors. The stupa is built from laterite, sandstone, and brick.


Ta Muean Group of Khmer Ruins. The Khmer Ruins comprises three stupa’s in the same area.


Ta Muean Khmer Ruins.  The sanctuary in Bayon Art style is built from laterite, like other architectures of King Chaya Varaman VII found in Thailand. A few Buddha images in the attitude of meditation in the niche are found here.


Ta Muean Tot Khmer Ruins. The sanctuary comprises principle stupa, made from laterite and sandstone, in square shape with front balcony. Like other Khmer hospital’s shrine, there is a pond outside the wall

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