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Surin Proviince, Places of Interest to see in and Around Surin Province

Chong Chom Check Point Border market. The market has long been a significant border market between Thailand and Cambodia. The Check Point is an official border crossing between Cambodia and Thailand.


Huai Thap Than - Huay Samran Wildlife Sanctuary. This is a lush area of jungle situated on the Thailand and Cambodia border. The sanctuary has a education centre for the public. From October to December, wild flowers are in full bloom.


Prasat Si Khoraphum. This Khmer era prasat consists of five prang on a laterite base, all facing east. The main and larger prang is in the centre, with the four, smaller prang at each corner. All are built from sandstone and laterite. The lintel depicting Dances of Shiva is considered the most beautiful one among those found in Thailand and Cambodia. Three sides of the Prasat are surrounded by a moat.


Tapiang Tia Khmer Ruins. The rectangular stupa was constructed from bricks, and has five lotus-shaped peaks. The stupa is in the Laotian style, which dates it to the late Ayutthaya period ( Tapiang Tia translates as duck pond ).


Phum Pon Khmer Ruins.  The Khmer ruins comprises 4 stupa’s, 3 made from bricks and one made from laterite. The biggest and the northern stupas are the oldest Khmer ruins found in Thailand, around the 8th Century.


Yai Ngao Khmer Ruins.  This Khmer ruin consists of two stupas facing east, and standing in a north - south direction. The brick stupa’s stand on a laterite base and are decorated with carved brick gable, which depict the mythical creature, a ‘Makorn’. The Makorn is a legendary animal, a chimera composed of parts from a lion, an elephant, and a fish, and holding five-headed naga in its mouth.


Pa Son Nong Khu Forest Park. There is a clue showing that this area used to be very abundant forest in the past. There are Pinus mergusii grown all over the area, mixed with the Dry Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest. Presently, there is only small animal available such as squirrel, Malayan flying lemur, wild rabbit, snake, dove, coucal and myna. Hornbill has been found sometimes.


Chom Phra Khmer Ruins. Like majority of shrine of Khmer’s hospital, it comprises square - shape stupa with balcony and a library at front. Significant antique found include a head of Bodhisattva Avalokitesavara statue and statue of Vajrasattva.

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