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Ascending Phanom Sawai Mountain Festival.  This annual festival is a parade of traditional art and culture to Phanom Sawai mountain, in order to pay respect to Phra Yai, the intimate Buddha’s footprint, Luang Phu Dun, and Wat Phanom Silaram. This festival is held in March.

Eel Festival The fair is held at the field of Amphoe Chumphon Buri every third week of December, after the harvest when eel is big enough for the catch. Farmer normally can catch lots of eel at that time, and it turns yellow and not smells fishy.

Ordination parade on elephant’s back. The vibrant tradition is held mostly on the 13th-15th day of waxing moon of May

( around mid of May ) at Wat Chaeng Sawang, Ban Ta Klang, Amphoe Tha Tum. Khmer,

Laotian, and Suay speople are all Buddhist. All families wish their sons to enter

monkshood and study dhamma before wedding. Ordination of many monks at the same

time and parade on elephant’s back in long distance means great merit for all families.

As all participants always dress up beautifully with mat - mi silk, the tradition earns lots

of interest and inherited for generations. The parade comprises big parade of more than

50 elephants crossing Moon River. The men entering monkshood will have their heads

shaved, pay homage to Chao Pho Wang Thalu Shrine before starting the ordination.

Organized in October every year. Four types of racing for the royal trophy and the

contest of boat beauty parade will be organized on Maenam Mun in front of Wat Pho, Amphoe Tha Tum.

There are three main good hotels in Surin:

Petchaskem Hotel ( 500m from the bus station )  is an older hotel.

Surin Majestic ( next to the bus station ) is the new and best looking

hotel in Surin.

Thong Tarin Hotel ( about 500 m from the bus station ) is clean and tidy,

and with an attached Rose Bath House, where a tired male can find female


In addition to these hotels there is a range of accommodation around the town,

and just outside. Always ask for a discount

( expect around 700-800  Baht / night ) in the non-elephant roundup season!

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