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Surin is one of the longest historical province’s in Thailand. However, there is no exact evidence to show its real history but only the presumption of the historian and the archaeologist including the tale of old people.

It is believed that Surin City was built about 2,000 years ago in the prosperous period of ancient Cambodian. After the decadence of the ancient Cambodian, Surin City was abandoned for a long time.

In 1763, Luang Surin Phakdi ( Chiang Pum ), the former Chief of Mueang Thi, asked Head of Phimai City for the royal permission to move Mueang Thi to the west ( about 16 kilometres ) and settle down at Khu Prathai Village which was an old city of ancient Cambodian.

The reason was that it was a large city with a two-layers of wall around it. With the fertile soil and water, it was suitable to do agriculture and settle down. Later on, Luang Surin Phakdi had conducted a good performance, so King Suriyamarin upgraded the village to Prathai Saman City and promoted Luang Surin Phakdi to Phraya Surin Phakdi Sri Narong Changwang, and had him governed the city.  

In 1786, King Rama I of Rattanakosin Monarchy changed the name of Prathai Saman City to Surin City. After the death of Phraya Surin Phakdi Sri Narong Changwang ( Chiang Pum ), the city was ruled by 11 consecutive governors until the reign of King Rama V in 1908, the government had been developed and changed to the municipality system.

Phra Krungsriborirak ( Sum Sumanon ) was appointed the first Provincial Governor of Surin Province.

Surin Province, Page 9, Description of the Province, Map of the Districts
Surin Province, Page 9, Description of the Province, Map of the Districts

Ferry on the Mun River in Surin

Surin Province, Page 10, Surin Elephant Village. Located in Ban Ta Klang.