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There are many temples of  rich beauty and design & historical significance in this area, but two of the most interesting are Wat Bang Kung, famous for a small chapel that is completely enclosed within the roots of a banyan tree and Wat Bangkae Noi which has quite a breathtaking view because the interior walls and ceiling of the main chapel have intricate teakwood carvings depicting the life and teachings of the Lord Buddha.

The night-time boat trip on the Mae Klong River, as opposed to the day time one,  provides the opportunity to enter the amazing world of the fireflies, as they swarm in the Lampu trees along the river bank. It's an incredable sight, as entire trees along the river bank are aglow with flashing, yellow lights. Thailand has over 100 species of firefly, and the fireflies on the Mae Klong flash in unison, just like a Christmas tree light decoration.

The Amphawa community  in 2008, received a UNESCO Asia - Pacific Heritage Award for Culture Heritage Conservation.  The restoration of the traditional Amphawa Canal  has successfully achieved public - private cooperation in the safeguarding of heritage structures in Thailand. With co-funding from the local government and Denmark, the project has benefited from the active support of the local residents and homeowners and the guidance of Chulalongkorn University. The project has conserved numerous historic buildings of local significance and retained the traditional canal - side  life, which is under threat around Thailand.

It really is amazing to see, you wont see many foreign visitors here, most are Thai Nationals. The narrow walkways are a nightmare when it becomes busy. Trying to navigate these when thousands of people are trying to do the same is no fun in the fierce heat of the mid day sun. However I did get to sample it when it was not so busy by arriving early. I stopped at a small restaurant along the walkways sampling a cool beer and Noodle soup for two for the total of 170 Baht.

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Amphawa Floating Market, Samut Songkhram.