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Later in 1786 , with the consent of king Rama I of Bangkok, Phraya phakdi phuthon Songkram, a deputy Muang Khukhan established Muang Sisaket at Ban Nonsamkha Sa Kamphaeng Yai. The newly - established city ruled by Phraya Ratanawongsa ( the former Phraya Phakdi Phuthon Songkram ) was under the supervision of Muang Khukhan.

In 1904 during the reign of King Rama V of Bangkok, Muang KhuKhan was relocated Muang Sisaket ( the present Ban Muang Hao , Tambon Muang Nua), while the old city of Khukhan became the district of Huai Nua ( the present Amphur Khukhan ) and Muang Sisaket become one of Muang Khukhan's district. In 1912 Muang Khukhan was affiliated with Monthon ( precinct ) Ubol. After giving up the Monthon administration in 1933 , the status of Muang Khukhan was lifted of the province of Khukhan. Later in 1938, the name of the province of changed into Sisaket.

Sites to see around the Province, Khmer ruins

Sisaket province is famous for its ruins dating to the Ancient Khmer Era. These include:

Tamnaksai Khmer Ruins ( Tamchan Khmer Ruins )  This is a single stupa of brick on a sandstone base. The stupa is rectangular. There is door on the east, while the other three sides have entrances with a door frame carved into the brickwork.

Base relief - Carved on the red sandstone cliff, this depicts three gods in Khmer style. Khmer craftsmen probably practised here first before doing the actual carving for Preah Vihear Sanctuary.

Sra Trao or Huay Trao - This stream runs through rock at the foot of Preah Vihear Mountain, before entering a subterranean tunnel strengthened by rock walls. It is assumed that the lowland was once used as a Barai (Khmer reservoir).

Phra That Ruang Rong - The temple's architecture is a blending of art from four ethnic groups in Lower Northeast: Lao, Suay, Khmer, and Yer. The Phra That Or stupa is 49 metres high.

Sra Kampaeng Noi Khmer Ruins - These Khmer ruins include a laterite stupa and chapel with a big pond at front, all within a laterite wall. In the 13th century, additions were made in the Bayon architectural style. It once contained a community hospital known as the Arokaya Sala.

Sisaket Province, History of the region and facts about the Province, Sites to see around the Province.

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