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Sra Kampaeng Yai Khmer Ruins  - This is the largest and most complete Khmer complex in the province. The site includes three stupas on the same base lined in a north-south direction and facing east. It was a originally shrine dedicated to Shiva, but was converted to a Mahayana Buddhist temple in 13th Century.

Huay Tap Tan Khmer Ruins or Ban Prasart Khmer Ruins - This consists of 3 brick stupa’s on laterite base aligned in North -South direction. They stand inside laterite walls with arch gates. The carved lintels depicting the churning of the sea of milk lies in front of the southern stupa.

Plang Ku Khmer Ruins - The Stupa of this Khmer ruin complex was built in gigantic-size. In front of Plang Ku is a big pond which is home to Anatidae species which gather from February onwards.

Ban Samor Khmer Ruins  - This small Khmer ruin is located in Moo 2 Ban Tamchan, Tambon Samor. Built in the 13th Century, its stupa houses a carved statue.

Taleng Khmer Ruins  - This features a single stupa standing on a rectangular base. The stupa's base faces east. Only the front wall and some side walls remain.

Preah Vihear Sanctuary - The famous cliff top Khmer sanctuary is near a disputed area between Thailand and Cambodia which has drawn much attention. It was listed as an antique architectural site by the Royal Thai Fine Arts Department, with an announcement in the Royal Gazette on October 11, 1940. Following an international Court ruling on July 15, 1962, however, the Hindu sanctuary is now on the Cambodian side of the border. Access must still be made through Thailand. An area of 4.6 square kilometres adjoining the temple is claimed by both countries is has been the scene of sporadic clashes between Thai and Cambodian border patrols.

Wat Maha Buddharam  This Buddhist temple’s vihara houses Luang Por To the sacred icon of Sisaket. Dating back to the Khmer era over a thousand years ago, the statue was carved from stone and later later at unknown time.

Phra Viharn National Park

Khao Phra Viharn National Park - The park features dry evergreen forest, mixed dipterocarp forest, and deciduous dipterocarp forest with tree species like Pterocarpus macrocarpus, Shorea siamensis and Xylia xylocarpa var. kerrii. It is home to numerous wildlife which roams between two countries such as wild hog, deer, barking deer, rabbit, squirrel, gibbon and civet.

Sisaket Province, Sites to see around the Province, Khmer ruins & Phra Viham National Park.

Sisaket Province, Page 3,History of the region and facts about the Province, Sites to see around the Province. Sisaket Province, Page 5, Phra Viharn National Park - Sisaket , features interesting sights