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Phra Viharn National Park - Sisaket , features interesting sights including:


Double Stupa’s - Two sandstone stupas, or Phra That for the local people, in cube shape and round top are situated west or Mo E-Dang Cliff. The stupa’s house items that mirror the prosperity of the Khmer period.


Don Tuan Khmer Ruins - Built during the 10th -11th Century, the Khmer Ruins in Ban Phume Sarol is located 300 metres from Thailand-Cambodia border. Legend tells that in the past a lady known as Nang Nom Yai or Nieng Non dor ( in Khmer ), stopped to rest here on her way to visit a king.


Mo E-Dang Cliff - One of the best bird’s eye view point of Northeast, the red - colour rock cliff is situated right on Thailand-Cambodia border.


Namtok and Tham Khun Sri - The three-tiered waterfall, above the cave, is situated west of Sra trao close to trail to Phreah Vihear. Khun Sri Cave is of gigantic proportions and was believed to have been the accommodation of Khun Sri, a noble man who controlled rock cutting at Sra Trao at the time of the construction of Preah Vihear Sanctuary.


Namtok Phu La-o  Situated in Phanom Dongrak Wildlife Sanctuary, Tambon Sao Thongchai, the small waterfall turns vibrant during September to February.


Somdet Sri Nagarin Park - With landscape of rolling hills, the park is nourished by two streams, Huay Poon Yai and Huay Poon Noi that meet north of the park. Here is rich of Lamduan or Lamdman Tree, making it a nice place for botanical excursion.


Fruit Orchard of Sisaket - Some 5 km from Amphoe Kantaralak, on the right of highway 226 ( Kantaralak-Pha Mor E-Dang ) there is a 20 - km ( 16 km on asphalt road ) cutting through villages. These villages are significant fruit producers of Sisaket. Their major products include rambutan, durian, longan, mangosteen, stink bean and rubber.


Khun Ampai Panich Building  - The beautiful building belongs to Sisaket nobleman Khun Ampai Panich ( In Naga-siharat ). It is well renovated and preserved, and eventually won gold medal in the project of conversing urban architecture in 1987.


Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew (Wat Larn Kuad)  - The Buddhist temple is remarkable with architectures made from million of colourful glass bottles donated by the people. Its architecture is interesting, particularly the pavilion called ‘Sala Thansmo Maha Jedikaeo’ Ubosoth located mid of the pond.



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