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Namtok Samrong Kiat ( Namtok Pisad )  - Originating in Kantung Mount in the Bantad Range, this medium-sized waterfall turns vibrant from late rainy season to winter, from September to February.

Namtok Huay Chan ( Namtok Kantrom ) - Originated from Phu Salao Mount on Bantad Range, the waterfall cascades beautifully before meeting with Mun River. The falls is vibrant from September to February.

Sisa Asoka  - is a community model in self sufficiency, showcasing people who prefer Buddhism - devout lifestyle. Its remarkable success attracts organizations from nationwide to study its story.

Namtok and Tham Khun Sri - The three - tier waterfall, above the cave, is situated west of Sra trao close to trail to Phreah Vihear. And Khun Sri Cave in gigantic size was believed once was accommodation of Khun Sri, noble man who controlled rock cutting at Sra Trao for constructing Preah Vihear Sanctuary.

Chong Arn Ma - The border check point between Thailand and Cambodia is in Tambon Song, Amphoe Nam Yuen, Ubon Ratchathani.

Local Products

Sisaket is famed for silk and cotton cloths woven in Khit pattern, which are mainly produced in Amphoe Bung Boon and Uthumporn Pisai. Delicate basketry and wooden works such as water holder, replica cart are available on Rachakarn Rodfai Rd.

Saltened egg from Amphoe Prai Bung, red onion, garlic, and preserved garlic in honey are generally available. Sisaket is also famed for its tropical fruits. Fruit orchards in Amphoe Kantaralak bear fruit, such as durian, rambutan, and mangosteen, from May to July. The quality of the fruit here is as good as in the rest


Dok Lamduan Festivals - Held annually between March 15 – 17 at Somdet Sri Nagarin Park when lamdman trees in the park are in full bloom, The fair comprises cultural performance of four local ethnic groups namely Khmer, Suay, Lao, and Yer. Fair goer can enjoy selecting handicrafts, local products, and watching performance of Sisaket’s history.

Sisaket Province, Places to see, and local products to look out for.

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