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The city spreads out along around four km, between the airport at the North end of the town and the Bus station at the Southern one but its historical and commercial centre is more compact. Its area follows roughly a North-South direction, along the right bank of the river Nan.


The two main axes of the town, more or less parallel, are the Th Sumonthewarat ( the easternmost one and the closest to the river ) and the Th Mahayot. The city’s main monuments are located at the junction of the three parallel axes, the Th Pha Kong (West), the Th Mahayot ( middle ) and the Th Sumonthewarat ( East ) and the Th Suriyapong which is perpendicular to them. As to the main shops, they can be found along the Th Sumonthewarat and its perpendicular, the Th Anantaworattidet.


In the town, three bridges connect the right bank to the left bank of the river Nan : the southernmost, the Sriboonruang bridge, the middle one, the Pattana Paknue bridge, under which are held the boat racing and the northernmost, the Nakorn Nan Pattana bridge, seriously damaged during the August 2006 floods but fixed since the beginning of July 2007.


Tourist Information Centre, Pha Kong Rd ( Opposite Wat Phumin ). 8 AM - 5 PM, daily.


Weather around Nan Province


Nan Province has three seasons: the hot season, the rainy season and the cold season. The hot season lasts from about March until May and is characterised by sweltering temperatures, dry weather and high humidity. The rainy season lasts from June until October and is similar to the hot season except that it rains a lot. The rain does give everything a chance to cool off though so it is definitely a welcome change. After the rainy season, temperatures start dropping in the cold season, which lasts from November until February.


Temperatures in the cold season drop down low at night. If you're camping then you'll need to bring warm clothing, and if you're staying in a hotel or guesthouse then don't bother getting an air-conditioned room. You won't need it! There is no rain in the cold season so this is by far the best time to visit. Unfortunately the tourism industry has caught on to this as well and prices are higher in this season. If you're a budget traveller then the hot season would be the best bet for you. To see the best scenery it's best to come to Nan Province in November or December. Everything is still lush and green after the rainy season and the weather is cool enough so you won't break a sweat.



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