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Getting to Nan Province.


By Plane

There is a small airport in Nan City that has flights to Bangkok. PB Air has two flights a week going from Bangkok to Nan City and from Nan City to Bangkok. A one way flight will cost you around 3,000 Baht.

By Train

There are no train stations in Nan Province.

By Car

There are roads to all surrounding provinces, but the major highway comes through Phrae Province to the south. There's a smaller highway west to Phayao Province, but it's slower by car as the terrain is more mountainous. The views are definitely more spectacular along this route though. Any foreigners wanting to drive into Laos from Nan Province will have to wait until sometime in the future as the border is currently only open to Thais.

By Bus

Buses are the best way to get to Nan Province. There are services to and from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and many other, smaller destinations.

From Bangkok:

From Bangkok, the buses to Nan Province leave Mo Chit Bus Station. There are many bus companies that do this route. Sombat Tours and Viriya Tours are two companies you can use. Sombat Tours often has more comfortable seating. From Bangkok, tickets will cost you around 500 Baht and most have to be bought at the bus station.

From Chiang Mai:

If you're in Chiang Mai you'll have to go to the Arcade Bus Station to hop on board. Green Bus Thailand is one of the most comfortable companies to travel to Nan Province with and the tickets normally cost around 300 Baht. You have to book a ticket at the bus station with most other companies.

Getting Around when there

The main roads in Nan Province are all in decent condition and any driver should be able to handle them. To the north of the province around Bo Kluea and the Huay Kon Border Market near the Laos border the roads are sometimes dangerous. That area is very mountainous and the roads can be windy with frequent potholes. South of Nan City, the roads are better maintained and can contribute to a very smooth ride. The road from Nan City to Pua is also in good condition.

By Bus

Local buses go between the smaller cities in Nan Province. These small buses are very old, have no air - con and are sometimes crammed with Thais. If you want an authentic Thai experience, just go to the Nan Bus Station in Nan City and buy your tickets there.