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Banks with ATMs can be found all over town, notably at Sumonthewarat Rd, Anantaworrattidet Rd and Sumon Thevarat Rd.


Good buys include local textiles, especially the Thai Lu weaving styles. Typical Thai Lu fabrics feature red and black designs on white cotton in floral, geometric and animal designs and also indigo and red on white. The lai naam lai ( flowing - water design ) shows stepped patterns representing streams, rivers and waterfalls. Other excellent quality textiles are the local Hmong appliqué and the Mien embroidery.


Thin grass and bamboo baskets and mats and hmong silverware are also available.


Hill Tribe House, 436 Sumonthewarat Rd.

6601 472434 ( hilltribehouse@yahoo.com, fax: 66054 750691 )

Pongparn, 10/4 Suriyapong,  66547 5733 or 01595 5777 ( pongparn@pongparn.com )

Lan Nan Som Noek, 347/7 Sumonthewarat Rd (No English sign)

Jaangtrakoon, Sumonthewarat Rd. Mainly clothes for sale here.   


Department stores

Nara Department Store (Old Nara), 400/1 Sumon Dhevaraj Rd.

Nara Hyper Mark ( New Nara ), 155 Sumon Dhevaraj Rd, ( Opposite to Soi Aranyawat 2 ),  0-5471-1102. 9:00-21:00. The biggest department store inside the town with a parking lot. A big sign points it out.  

Tesco Lotus, 320 Moo 4, Yantarakitkosol Rd, ( On highway 101 to Phrae ),  0-5474-3131. 9:00 - 22:00. The biggest department store, but about 2 kilometre from the town centre itself.

D Best Super Store, 42/3 Suriyapong Rd, ( Near to Nan museum ),  0-5475-7161 ( fax: 0-5471-0727 ) With a small size cinema.


Easyintersoft, 345/8 Sumonthewarat Rd. Software and hardware store.

Kodak, 347/4 Sumonthewarat Rd. Processing, passport photos, batteries..

Nan Province, Banks, Shops, Shopping area’s & Department stores, Map of the Province

Nan Province, Page 5, Banks, Shops, Shopping area’s & Department stores, Map of the Province.