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Wat Suan Tan  built in 1230, features an old, beautifully - shaped Chedi and houses a huge bronze Buddha statue, Phra Chao Thong Thip cast by a king of Chiang Mai in 1450.


Pha Chu, or Pha Cheot Chu  is a cliff located within the Si Nan National Park  which covers extensive forested and mountainous areas. A national flag pole has a lanyard running all the way down to the foot of the hill, the longest in the country.


Hom Chom  The site is characterised by a large earthen mould eroded by the elements through the ages, leaving only hard eastern columns, whose exotic shapes and forms can be interpreted as differently as the imagination goes.


The Thai Lu Village - Ban Nong Bua  The Thai Lu people living at Ban Nong Bua are noted or producing the traditional tribal fabric, an art handed down from generation to generation.


Wat Nong Bua was built by Thai Lu craftsmen who had early migrated from southern China. Apart from the Wihan which is adorned with elaborate carvings, there are also wall murals painted by Thai Lu artists someone 100 years ago.


Wat Phrathat Beng Sakat   The main Buddha image is in the local style residing on the so-called Chukkachi base. The back of the Buddha image is decorated with a mirror in accordance with the Thai Lue belief.


Ban Pak Nai is a fishing village on the bank of the fresh-water lake above the Sirikit Dam in Uttaradit province.


King of Nan’s Teak House. Built in 1866 with golden teak and reconstructed in 1941, this large house ( Th Mahaprom, opposite the backwards entrance of the Wat Phra That Chang Kham ) is now the residence of Chao Sompradhana Na Nan. It exhibits heritage antiques such as ancient weapons, war elephant ivory and photographs by King Rama V. Contact the owner for visiting ( Tel. 0 5471 0605 ).


The Old Wall. Constructed in 1885 by Chao Anantavorarittidet, Nan’s ruler, the wall was built in place of an old log wall destroyed by flood in 1817. Remnants of the wall - around 400 mtrs. out of the original 3,600 mtrs. - can be seen at the junction of the Th Mahawong and the Th Rob Muang, at the South-West end of the town.


Nan Province, Places to see & Visit. King of Nan’s Teak House. The Thai Lu Village - Ban Nong Bua