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Nong Khai  is the northernmost of the north - eastern ( Isan ) provinces ( Changwat ) of Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are Bueng Kan, Sakon Nakhon, Udon Thani and Loei. To the north it borders Vientiane Province, Vientiane Prefecture and Bolikhamxai of Laos.

The province is located in the valley of the Mae Nam Kong ( Mekong river ), which also forms the border with Laos. There are highlands to the south. The Laotian capital Vientiane is only 25 kilometres away from the provincial capital of Nong Khai. The Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge, which connects the two countries, was built jointly by the governments of Thailand, Laos and Australia, and was opened in 1994.

Over the centuries the control of the province swung between the Thai Kingdom Ayutthaya, and the Laotian kingdom Lan Xang, as their respective powers ebbed and flowed in the region. See also the Haw wars.

The provincial seal shows a pond with a bamboo clump close to it. The bamboo symbolizes stability, glory and continuity for the peaceful and fertile land.

The provincial tree is the tamalan or Burma pallisander ( Dalbergia oliveri ).

The province is sub divided into 17 districts ( Amphoe ). The districts are further subdivided into 115 sub districts ( Tambon ) and 1099 villages ( Muban ). Bueng Kan was part of Nong Khai and was split as the newest province of Thailand.

1. Mueang Nong Khai   2. Tha Bo   3. Phon Phisai   4. Si Chiang Mai   5. Sangkhom 6. Sakhrai   7. Fao Rai   8. Rattanawapi   9. Pho Tak

Nong Khai is a sleepy Thai town with strong Lao influences, and is home to small Chinese and Vietnamese communities as well.

Most locals speak both Thai and the local dialect called Isaan, which is closely related to both the Thai and Lao languages. Many locals speak a little bit of English, mostly tourism related words, and are generally very friendly and helpful if you smile and are polite.

Nong Khai Province, Thailand

Nong Khai Province, Page 1,  Geography, Districts, Provincial Seal, & Tree.
Nong Khai Province, Page 1,  Geography, Districts, Provincial Seal, & Tree.