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Getting  to Nong Khai Province

By  Plane

The nearest airport ( on the Thai side )  is in Udon Thani, 56km away. There are direct shuttle buses four times a day between the airport and the Friendship Bridge ( 2km outside Nong Khai ), plus taxis and minibuses that will take you in to Nong Khai proper. Thai Airways and Air Asia operate flights between Bangkok ( Suvarnabhumi ) and Udon Thani. Nok Air operates a service between Bangkok (Don Muang) and Udon.

By  Train

Nong Khai is the terminus of the Northeastern railway line from Bangkok via Khon Kaen and Udon Thani. The trip takes 10-12 hours and a first class sleeper ticket from Bangkok to Nong Khai or vice versa is currently about 1200 baht, and a second class sleeper ticket  is 748 Baht. Sleepers often sell out at peak times so you may need to book in advance. Shuttle services now operate onward from Nong Khai to Tha Nalaeng, Laos ( near Vientiane ) four times a day, synced to the arrivals and departures of the Bangkok trains. You can only buy tickets at Nong Khai station, and you need to pass through immigration as well. ( If coming in on train 69 from Bangkok, there's a 90 - minute window to do this.) Once the formalities are done, the trip itself across the Friendship Bridge only takes 15 minutes. Visa on arrival is now available on the Lao side

By  Bus

There are departures to Udon Thani at least once per hour from the BKS station on the main drag, Prajak road. The hour-long ride costs 20 Baht in 3rd class ( non-air con ) 40 Baht in 2nd class (air con).

There are several departures daily from Bangkok ( about 9 hours ), Khon Kaen ( 110 Baht, class 2, with stoppage at Udon Thani ) and across the border direct from Vientiane ( 55 Baht, 17000 kip, two hours ) via the Friendship Bridge.

A 1st  class bus service connects Nong Khai directly  with Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Getting  around when  there

The only mode of public transport in the city is by tuk-tuk. Although the price has gone up recently due to the increased cost of gasoline, they remain inexpensive at 20 - 30 Baht / person to anywhere around the city centre.

Some tuk-tuk drivers will ask for much more than 20 / 30 Baht/ per person, but you can generally bargain with them to reach a reasonable price. When bargaining, smile and be patient and polite ( or just walk down the street until you see a roaming tuk-tuk, which will probably be cheaper - and walking a short distance is sometimes the only way to get a reasonable price when arriving at the Friendship Bridge from Laos ).

A trip to or from the Friendship Bridge can cost upwards of 70 Baht for tourists if only one passenger is on board, although the normal price is 40 - 50 Baht.

Another great way to discover Nong Khai and its surroundings is by bicycle. Some guesthouses and several rental places around town offer bicycles ( 30 Baht / day ) and motorbikes ( 200 Baht / day ). Lower prices can usually be negotiated for longer rentals - try the rental stand outside the Mut Mee guesthouse or at Limmaneemotor on Meechai Road. Go for the one on Meechai Road first, their motorbikes are a lot better and the people there are very nice. You'll need a copy of your passport if you wish to rent one. Very cheap for long term rental.