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South of town on the Udon Thani road is a Tesco-Lotus, a fully-fledged western-style supermarket with satellite shopping arcade and a cinema ( nearly always Thai movies or Western movies dubbed into Thai ). Nearby on Sunday afternoons/evenings is the Sunday Market, which sells all kinds of things.

You can also buy and sell used books in the HornBill Book Shop, Very good book shop with a great selection of new and used English and international books also has a good selection of travel guides.

Places to Eat & Drink

The majority of Nong Khai locals eat out at the dozens of restaurants and bars along the Rimkhong (the riverside road) at the east end of town. Food here is cheaper and often better than in the town centre. English is not always spoken but increasingly Nong Khai restaurants have menus in more than one language.

There are also many Thai food vendors along Prajak road that sell excellent cheap food.

Both of the above areas are aimed principally at evening customers, so many eateries don't open until after dark. However, there are a number of Thai ( and European ) establishments in and around Thasadej market which are open during the day.

The Manchester Arms is an English owned gay friendly bar offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from 1pm until late, there is also free wifi and live sport on TV as well as great views across the Mekong to Laos and stunning sunsets almost daily.


Dee Dee and Thai Thai on Prajak road, the main street in Nong Khai, are two Chinese-style diners right next to one another that serve good Thai and Chinese food. They are open later than most other restaurants. Thai Thai is open later, but Dee Dee generally has better food.


Daeng Naem Nueang, along the Mekong on Rim Kong road slightly downstream from 'Warm up' and just upstream from the Tha sadej market, is a Vietnamese restaurant widely acclaimed among Thai and Vietnamese residents of Nong Khai. The staff are friendly, but not all proficient in English. They also offer pre-made take-away packages of  naem neuang ( a delicious Vietnamese dish ) if you want to eat at home instead.


Im Im Dim Sum Serving dim sum, noodle, fried snacks, coffee and tea. Located in downtown Nong Khai, Soi Sook Pracha near the PP Sport Centre.


The most popular bar with young locals is Warm Up, which is located on the Rimkhong (riverside) road west of Thasadej market, and also accessible from the promenade. This area also has the largest concentration of farang bars and guesthouses. And floating on the Mekong river close by, below Wat Hai Sok, is the romantic Gaia Bar

Soi Nitapat just off Prajak Road in central Nong Khai features a few more farang bars, such as the The Funky Monkey Bar, which also offers Thai food. Computer / Wi-Fi for customers, sport on TV, and a bring one take one book exchange.