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Ruan Thai Coffee & Breakfast, Rimkhong road  ( warm up ). Run by a very pleasant young Thai woman who does her best to speak English. The prices are a little high, but the food is excellent and the restaurant itself is also quite nice.


The German Bakery at the corner of Meechai and Haisok has very good bread.


Yota Vegetarian Restaurant, on Kaeworawut Rd a few minutes west of Mutmee Guesthouse. Most dishes here have mock meat, usually very convincing. About 25 Baht per meal. Breakfast and lunch, sometimes dinner ( if there's a special

occasion ).


Vegetarian Restaurant on the soi just east of the post office. About 25 Baht ( buffet ) or 35 Baht ( menu ) per meal. Not many mock meats. Breakfast and lunch ( till about 3 PM or 4 PM ).


Nong Khai Home Cooking on Prajak Road & Soi Pho Sri 4. Private Western or Thai home cooked meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Private events or catering / buffets. Chef formerly worked at Don's Cafe in Phuket.  


Sunday Market, on the highway West of the major intersection with the arch ( sort of near Tesco Lotus ), roughly mid afternoon to 10pm rain permitting, has plenty of cooked/uncooked food.


Other markets, including the Chayapone market ( between Meechai Rd and Kaeworawut Rd, near the Thai Lao Riverside Hotel ), the Wednesday evening market ( near the Nongkhai Grand Hotel ), the morning market ( near the bus station ), and the other market near the sunken chedi at the east end of town, also have cooked / uncooked food.


Budget accommodation is of good value, extensive and affordable relative to the other more popular cities of Thailand.


Mut Mee Guesthouse, by the Mekong river west of Thasadej market. Long-established and understandably popular. In a large tree filled garden overlooking the river, it has both simple and higher quality rooms surrounded by hammocks and a variety of seating. It has a boat called the Nagarina which cruises on the river at sunset. Mut Mee owns the Gaia bar mentioned above. Yoga & meditation classes are also available. Large range of good food and drinks.



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