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Kaeng Khutkhu is a large cataract in the middle of the Mekong River. As it is exactly situated at the curving part of the river, the flow of the swift current passes this cataract.


Phra Phutthabat Phu Khwai Ngoen  The Buddha’s footprint is 120 centimetres long and 65 centimetres wide, enshrined on a whetstone and was registered as a national ancient monument in 1935.


Phra Yai Phu Khok Ngio  It is a walking Buddha image in the blessing posture, cast of fibre and golden resin combined. It was cast by the Second Army Area Command and the people as a form of merit making for Their Majesties the King and Queen.


Thai Dam Cultural Village Thai Dam people migrated from Chiang Khwang Town, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, in 1905 to settle at Ban Na Pa Nat. At present, the Thai Dam culture is still preserved.


Crown Princess's Sirindhorn Art Centre It is a venue displaying beautiful paintings of students who have gained popularity at both national and international levels. Moreover, it is a source of knowledge on arts and culture, comprising both permanent and rotating exhibition halls, an arts training building.


Phi Ta Khon Museum  It is an educational attraction for those interested in the Bun Luang and Phi Ta Khon Festivals. Besides, there are an Ubosot reflecting the skills of local craftsmen, as well as, a replica of Phrathat Si Song Rak, including Bun Luang Festival and Phi Ta Khon are organised. Phi Ta Khon is the most famous festival that takes place in Loei Province in either June or July each year.


At Wat Phon Chai, in Dan Sai, you will find the Dan Sai Folk Museum that goes into great detail about the tradition of the Phi Ta Khon. You will also find examples of the various masks and costumes worn during this annual festival. Read the report of my visit to the Phi Ta Khon Festival in 2011. The Phi Ta Khon costumes are made from rags and colourful pieces of cloth. Hung around their necks or tied around their waists are tins cans and wooden cow bells. These create a rattling sound as they move around and dance during the parades. Some of the people also carry a symbolic weapon made like an oversized penis. Although each of the Phi Ta Khon masks seem to be unique, they are all made using the same guidelines. Each mask has three parts: the hat, the face and the nose.

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