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Suan Hin Pha Ngam or Thailand’s Kunming is located at Ban Pha Ngam, Mu 10, Tambon Puan Phu. It is a limestone garden aged around 230-280 million years, occurring from the aggradation of beach deposits. Then, an uplift of the earth’s crust, together with millions of years of natural rot have made this mountain be strangely beautiful, similar to the stone garden in Kunming, the People’s Republic of China. Therefore, it was named Thailand’s

Kunming. Within the compound is also situated a tourist information centre. To admire

the nature, interested persons can contact an officer to conduct a tour around the stone

garden as a group of ten persons, costing 100 Baht per group. This is because of the

narrowness and labyrinthine path which visitors might be able to get lost. Interesting

travelling routes in the stone garden is Tham Thalu, mountains in strange animal shapes,

a viewpoint at the summit of Khao Pha Bong or the stone mountain with a hole in the

middle of its top. Each point is called differently.

For further information, please contact Tel. 0 4280 1900.


To get there: From King Amphoe Nong Hin, take Highway No. 201, the Loei – Chum Phae route for about 43 kilometres and turn right for about 19 kilometres. Tham Mahoran It is a large cave whose entrance enshrines a Buddha image in subduing Mara posture. The area within the cave is quite large consisting of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as, caves in smaller sizes. A Buddha’s footprint was also found on the wall of the cave.

Location :  Ban Pha Ngam, Mu 10, Puan Phu, Nong Hin, Loei 42190  Tel :  0 4280 1900, 08 1462 1719


Tham Phothisat or Thailand’s Guilin is situated within the compound of Wat Tham Phothisat. It is a complex cave.

Namtok Phiang Din is four kilometres further from Suan Hin Pha Ngam. The waterfall is at the end of the asphalt road.


Phu Kradueng National Park  It is a popular natural attraction of Thailand due to its abundance of natural resources, comprising various types of ecological systems and geography. The distinguished characteristic of this national park is that it is a sandstone mountain with a wide plain summit, whose shape is similar to a leaf of the Elephant ear or a heart. Sites in the park is as follows:


Pha Nok Aen It is a small stone terrace with pine trees standing at the cliff’s edge. It is a beautiful sunrise spot overlooking the scenery of the grass field and mountain range.


Pha Lom Sak It is a wide stone terrace with a large pine tree near an overhanging cliff. It is a place where the sunset can be the most clearly viewed.



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