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Namtok Tat Hong is a waterfall located within the compound of the national park. When falling from the cliff to the basin, it creates a loud and resonant sound of water. Therefore, it is called Namtok Tat Hong.


Pha Lon Noi  It is a beautiful place to admire the sunrise. From this spot, Phu Luang, Phu Pha Sat, Phu Khrang and a sea of complex mountain ranges can be seen.


Wat Pho Chai Na Phueng  is situated at Ban Na Phueng, Tambon Na Phueng. The temple is assumed to have been constructed during the late period of the Ayutthaya Empire. Enshrined within the abbot’s cell is the Prachao Ong Saen Buddha image, an ancient image of the town for many generations.


The image is sitting cross - legged with an oval face, a flame - like spire at the top of the image’s hair, and a cloth over the image’s shoulder made of gold, silver, and copper alloy. It is assumed to be the Chiang Saen style of art. Besides, within the compound of the Wihan or locally called Aram are mural paintings of the Buddha’s biography and local literature.


The north side of the mural states that the paintings were made in 1852 during the reign of King Rama IV. At the outside this same Ubosot are paintings which were later created in 1916. It can be considered as a very precious ancient monument and object of Loei province.


The Fine Arts Department registered the temple as an important national ancient monument on 1 February, 1987. To get there Take the Loei – Dan Sai route for about 82 kilometres, turn right into Highway No. 2113 and go further along the Dan Sai – Na Haeo route for 23 kilometres.

Loei Province, Places of Interest to see, Wat Pho Chai Na Phueng, Video on Loei Province.

Loei Province, Page 9, Places of Interest to see, Wat Pho Chai Na Phueng, Video on Loei Province.

Video above is of Phu Rua National Park, Loei,

Picture below is of Wat Pho Chai Na Phueng.