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Places to see inside the park

Hin Kuai Lo  is located at the foot of Phu Tin Suan Sai. It is a sandstone whose shape is similar to a mushroom bud rising in the middle of the tropical evergreen forest.

Noen 1408 Viewpoint  is situated on Phu Tin Suan Sai. It is the highest viewpoint and centre of the national park. Looking to the east and the southeast, Ban Bo Mueang Noi, Ban Saeng Pha, and Amphoe Na Haeo can be seen. It is also a beautiful viewpoint to see the sunrise.

Noen 1255 Viewpoint  is a short-distant viewpoint where the scenery of Ban Huai Nam Phak below, as well as, Phu Soi Dao and Phu Wiang in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic can be witnessed.

Besides, the park has organised two nature routes of two kilometres and five kilometres, respectively for tourists from the office of the national park to Phu Suan Sai. Each route will be led by a park officer.

Accommodation The national park provides accommodation, costing 2,000 Baht / 10-15 tourists, 3,000 Baht/ 30-40 tourists, tents costing 250 Baht / 3 persons. As for those who bring their own tent, it costs 30 Baht a person for the camping area. For further information, please contact the National Park Headquarters at Tel. 0 4281 9340 or the Department of National Park, Wildlife and Flora at Tel. 0 2561 4292-4, 0 2579 7223 ext: 724, 725.

To get there From the centre of Mueang Loei, take Highway No. 203 for a distance of 68 kilometres. Turn right at Ban Khok Ngam Intersection and go along Highway No. 2031 for 12 kilometres. At Amphoe Dan Sai, turn right to Highway No. 2113 and proceed further for 32 kilometres to Amphoe Na Haeo. From Amphoe Na Haeo, go further for four kilometres to Ban Mueang Phrae and turn left along Highway No.

Festivals held around the Province.

Dok Fai Ban Makham Wan Mueang Loei Red Cross Fair  is held in front of the Loei City Hall during 1 – 9 February every year. Parades from various districts, as well as, cultural performances are highlights of the fair.

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