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Thai – Lao Songkran Festival  is organised in Amphoe Tha Li during 12–15 April of every year. It is uniquely different from other places due to the large number of Laotian people participating in the activities of the festival such as Songkran Beauty Contest and water splashing with Thai people.


Bun Bang Fai Lan Festival  is held within the compound of Wat Erawan Phatthanaram, Amphoe Erawan on the full moon day of the 6th lunar month or during May of every year. It is the biggest festival of Loei. There is a contest of rocket processions from various communities.


Phrathat Si Song Rak Fair  is an annual event organised on the full moon day of the 6th lunar month, around the end of April until early May to celebrate Phra that Si Song Rak, a significant place of worship of the town. A holy ceremony is also conducted in the festival such as a worshipping ceremony to Phra that by presenting Ton Phueng Yai, Ton Phueng Noi, and Phra that bathing.


Bun Luang Festival and Phi Ta Khon  is held annually in Amphoe Dan Sai on Saturday to Sunday after the full moon day of the 6th lunar month, and after paying respect to Phra that Si Song Rak. Phi Ta Khon is a local activity of Amphoe Dan Sai and Amphoe Na Haeo, relating to the belief and faith in Buddhism and the spirit of ancestors. Phi Ta Khon parades are organised in the Bun Luang Festival, an annual local merit making ceremony. Phi Ta Khon is usually participated especially by males both boys and men. The festival is organised in two days. On the first day, the Phra Upakhut procession proceeds from the Man River to Wat Phon Chai and on the next day, it will enter the town, while the Phi Ta Khon participants will throw their costumes and accessories away into the Man River. After that, a series of all 13 chapters of the Great Birth Sermon will be given during the event.


Chiang Khan’s End of Buddhist Lent Festival  is organised in front of Chiang Khan District Office on the full moon day of the 11th lunar month every year. This festival has been passed on for generations. There is the Prasat Phueng procession, long-boat races, Ruea Kap races, illuminated boat contest, Tak Bat Devo, and various local cultural shows and entertainment in the festival.


Sea of Fog and Beautiful Flower Blossom on Phu Ruea ( Winter Flowers Fair, Amphoe Phu Ruea ) is held on the ground in front of Phu Ruea District Office during the New Year Festival, around 31 December – 3 January every year. Activities in the festival comprise a temperate plant fair, floral float parade, temperate flowers and decorative plants contests, Mae Khaning evening party, dances in the winter breeze.



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