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Phae Muang Phi Forest Park is located about 18 km from the town on Highway 101. It is regarded as Thailand's Grand Canyon. Phae Muang Phi is noted for its fantastic sandstone formations. Phae means a shrub area and Muang Phi means city of ghosts in Thai. As it is a large quiet haunted place and nobody lives around there, People  will easily  lose their way when  going inside. However, it is well worth a visit for those who appreciate spectacular natural

rock formations. Phae Muang Phi, in Phrae province,joined the long list of Thailand National

Parks in 1981. Located about 17  km's from the city of  Phrae on Highway 101, Phae Muang Phi

National Park is noted for its incredible rock formations.

These amazing  natural  sculptures take the form of  mushrooms, pillars and cliffs and were

formed by subsidence and soil erosion. Local people believe the area to be haunted. In Thai,

Muang Phi means Ghost Town, Phi being the word for Thai ghost. Legend has it that a villager

found gold in the area but was prevented from leaving by the Guardian Spirit. Even today, Phae Muang Phi is a quiet place. Perhaps the ancient legends and the Guardian Spirit still act as a deterrent to developers as there are very few people living near this park. Incidentally, Phae is not a miss spelling of Phrae. Phae Muang Phi National Park covers an area of about 66 acres. While the main attraction is of course the rock formations, the forest is planted with trees including Dipterocarpus obtusifolius, Meliosma pinnata, Bombax anceps, Croton argyratus, Combretum spp. and Gigantochloa albociliata, and there has been considerable re - planting done to rejuvenate the forest. Phae Muang Phi is a site of outstanding natural beauty and is quite unique in Thailand.

Wat Phra That Chom Chaeng  Built on 1331 Buddhist Era, originally its mane was Pra That Chuan Chaeng cause Buddha wander till this hill at dawn. Later locals slightly distort pronunciation to Chom Chaeng. The pagoda is golden colour, 29 meters high and the base is ten meters wide. It is believed that in the stupa is placed Buddha's hairs. This temple has a pavilion called Pa Daeng sub district Museum or Museum of Province which collects the unseen ancient art objects.

Phraya Chaiyabun Memorial  Governor of the town during 1897-1902, he was slain by rebelling Shan tribe men when he refused to cede the town to them. After the rebellion was put down by government troops, King Rama V ordered a memorial erected in his honour.

Folklore Museum  in the same compound as the Ban Fai garden restaurant  is made up of several buildings and wooden structures displaying the local way of life. The different types of wooden houses demonstrate the different status of the local people.

Phrae Province,Page 4, Places to see around the Province, Phae Muang National Park, Folklore Museum.

Phrae Province, Places to see around the Province, Phae Muang National Park, Folklore Museum.