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Phrae Governor's House ( Khum Chao Luang Muang Phrae ) The Phrae Governor's House, built in 1892, was once the residence of the Lord of Phrae, known as the Chao Luang. The house was deserted in 1902 after the last Chao Luang, Chao  Phiriyachai  Thepawong, fled to Luang Prabang in  Laos during an  uprising by the Shan. This old magnificent two-storey teak house won an outstanding architectural award in 1997. The house was a combination of Thai  and  European c olonial architecture and  resembles a  gingerbread house  decorated with  beautiful fretwork. A feature of this mansion is the basement prison. In the past, prisoners were kept in this  detention room which has no window. Their Majesties the King and  Queen spent a night at this house when t hey visited the province in 1958. Later the Phrae Provincial Administration Office has turned this house into a museum housing numerous priceless antiques and artefacts. The house is open daily from 08.30 - 16.30.  For more details, please call 0 5452 4158

Wat Phra That Sri Don Kham Located on highway 1023, some distance away from the Long District Administration Office, this is a famous temple of Long District built around 535 A.D. It features a large old pagoda in which Buddha's relic is enshrined. Another prominent object is Phra Chao Prato, an ancient Burmese-style Buddha image made of teak wood.

Hua Dong Market  is the centre of products made from wood and rattan, mostly household furniture and decorative items.

Wat Phra Luang  It features a Sukhothai style Chedi and is referred to by the local people as That Neong  meaning the leaning Chedi.

Wat Salaeng ( on the right ) is located about five km. from Long District. It is worthwhile to take a look at its old  ubosot. The museum of this temple keeps a fine collection of  ancient Buddha images and household objects.

Wat Phra That Suthon Mongkhon Khiri  three kilometres from Den Chai district, or some two kilometres from the provincial town, is Wat Phra That Suthon Mongkhon Khiri. Although a comparatively modern temple, it boasts highly eye-catching structures. The Ubosot in particular is noted for its delicate sculptures with fine designs. There is also the golden teak structure in the Lanna-style which houses valuable relics of the North, including Buddha statues, lacquer ware, Lanna musical instruments,  ancient weapons and pictures depicting past events.

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