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Wiang Kosai National Park is the first national park in Phrae province. It covers Phrae and Lampang provinces and is crossed over by Phee Pan Nam mountain range. The park covers an area of about 410 square kilometres. The park was declared a national park ( the 35th in Thailand ) on 09 October 1981.

Wiang Kosai National Park is situated on the banks of Yom River, the beautiful province of Phrae is one of the most ancient provinces of Thailand that is well known for its significance in the history of Thailand. Until recently, Phrae has remained elusive to the outside world. However, there are several attractions present in this province that are worth a visit. One such beautiful tourist destination is the Wiang Kosai National Park that is situated in the Wang Chin District, 70 kilometres from the Phrae town.

Wiang Kosai National Park is also known as the first national park in entire Phrae province. Covering an area of almost 410 square kilometres, this national park is spread over in Wang Chin district in Phrae province and Tern, Sobprab and Mae Ta districts in Lampang province.

Geographically, most part of the park is covered with high steep mountains. The hills and the surrounding

regions are  covered with  evergreen and mixed  deciduous forests. Overlapping  the high steep cliffs of

the mountains are present some beautiful and breathtaking waterfalls that are source for some of the major

rivers in Thailand such as Yom River.

Climate inside the park is mostly temperate with the temperatures going up to 35°C during summers

and dropping down during winters up to 13°C. The best time to visit this park is between January and March,

when the flowers are in full bloom.

Present in the jungles of this national park are several flora and fauna species, some of which are economically important. Some important animal species present inside the park includes tiger, elephant, deer's, wild boars, and chipmunks. Magnificent surroundings inside the park attracts different kinds of birds flock into these forests every yea

Tourist attractions

Mae Koeng Luang and Mae Koeng Noi waterfalls: They are beautiful cascading waterfalls composed of five stages like stairs. The local words Mae Koeng means stairs. Besides these two, there are several beautiful falls in the park.

Mae Jork hot spring: This is next to Mae Jork school in Mae Pak sub district of Wang Chin district in Prae province. The beautiful hot spring ( temperature is about 80ºC ) is coming up from under ground.

Accommodations and facilities

There is a camp ground but without equipment for rent. There are also a grocery store and public telephones there.

Contact address Wiang Kosai national park, P.O.Box 1, Wang Chin, Phrae 54160. Tel. 01-224 0779

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