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Kaeng Luang A leading attraction, Kaeng Luang is located in Tambon Ban Pin, Long district. To get there, go on the Phrae-Lampang road for about 50 kilometres, then take a right turn at Km.69 and continue for another seven kilometres. The scenery is lovely and amid the Yom river are rocky formations which create fast - flowing rapids. On the other side of the river, which can be crossed by ferry, and with a 100 metre walk uphill, will be found the Erawan Cave adorned with elephant-and-female-shaped hanging and protruding crops of rock.


Phra That Phra Lo  is a 400 year old Chedi believed to contain the remains of a king named Phra Lo, ruler of Nakhon Maen Suang once located in the vicinity. It is said he died together with his two lovers, Phra Phuean and Phra Phaeng, which gave rise to the legend of folklore.


Wang Chin District

Wonderful Hill of Rock Columns This place is called by the local people Mon Saohin Phissawong which means the Wonderful Hill of Rock Columns. It is located in the West Maeyom Botanical Garden in Na Phun Pattana Village

There are eight large piles of countless dark rocks   distributed all over an area of about 7.6 acres on this hill. These rocks are similar to the ones at the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. They are like hexagonal columns standing close to each other. There are also many piles of small polygonal rocks lying around on the ground. The largest pile features lines of rock columns looking like a wall, ten metres in length and ten metres in height. According to geologists, these rock columns are called columnar basalt which took shape in an ancient volcanic eruption occurring about 50 - 60 million years ago.


Local Museum of Long District is situated on the opposite of Wat Phra That Sri Don Kham. The museum exhibits a collection of folk arts, crafts, and tools and utensils formerly used by local folks. The museum also has a complete collection of coins and banknotes of the Rattanakosin era, old film projector and radios, and old Lanna-style clothing.


Komol Ancient Fabric Museum is situated on Phrae - Long Road, in Huai Or Sub - district. This private museum is an ideal place to learn about the ancient fabrics of Lanna people. It displays an impressive collection of ancient handmade fabrics, many of which are over 200 years old. Besides, there are exhibitions of ancient Tin Chok fabrics of Long district and other areas. The museum is open daily, from 09.30 - 17.00. For more information, call 0 5458 1532

Mae Yom National Park is in Song district 48 kilometres from town. The terrain is mountainous with deciduous and rich teak forests, probably the densest in the country. Along the Yom River in front of the camping area of the park are the Kaeng Sua Ten rapids, a two - kilometre-long stretch of rock formations and best visited during November - February when the weather is cool and scenery at its loveliest. Visitors may camp along the river banks.

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