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Mae Yom National Park is in Song district 48 kilometres from town. The terrain is mountainous with deciduous and rich teak forests, probably the densest in the country. Along the Yom River in front of the camping area of the park are the Kaeng Sua Ten rapids, a two kilometre long stretch of rock formationsand best visited during November - February when the weather is cool and scenery at its loveliest. Visitors may camp along the river banks.

Tham Pha Nang Khoi.  Another interesting cave is Tham Pha Nang Khoi which is about 40 kilometres north of town on Highway No. 101 at Km. 59 within Rong Kwang district. A 50 metre-long rail leads to the cave mouth. Along the winding tunnels are strangely-shaped stalactites and stalagmites. At the end of the cave is a stalagmite shaped like a woman holding a small child. In front of the Nang Koi ( waiting woman ) stone is a heart-shaped stalactite. They are the source of the legend of the love of a woman who waited for her lover until she turned into stone. Amid cool forested area is the Huai Rong Waterfall. It can be reached by taking Highway No. 101 ( Phrae Rong Kwang ) and go on for 60 kilometres northward. Turn left at Km. 78 and proceed on for a further four kilometres.

Doi Phu Nang National Park This waterfall is located in Doi Phu Nang National Park in Phayao's Chiang  Muan district. This park is home to Thai peacocks which always show up next to the headquarter office during the morning. The park has been in the process for 20 years to be formally announced as the national park although there are accommodation facilities, a tourist information centre and a restaurant, but they cannot charge an entrance fee.

Wongburi House was built in 1897 by Phraya Burirat,  then governor of Phrae, for his daughter Chao Sunantha and son-in-law Luang Pongpiboon. It is one of the most beautiful old houses in Phrae. It is a large two-storey teakwood mansion built in fine Thai-European style architecture and painted in pink colour. An outstanding feature is the elaborate woodcarving decorations both inside and outside.

At present, the house is used as a living museum.it features the original family's household articles e.g., furniture, silverware, earthenware, and important documents. The house was granted an excellent conservation of the year 1993 award by the Society of Siam Architecture under Royal Patronage. The house is open to the public daily from 09.00 - 17.00 hrs. For more information, please call 0 5462 0153.

Phrae Province, Wongburi House,  Tham Pha Nang Khoi, Mae Yom National Park.

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