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Kwan Phayao, or Phayao Lake is the major attraction in this small town and located in the heart of the town. The 39-square-kilometre plot of land became a large freshwater lake when a water gate was built to block the river in 1939. About 20 temples have been submerged since then. In 1983 locals found this sandstone seated Buddha image, believed to be created in 1476 by the ruler at the time. The locals then placed the statue on the spot they found it and are raising funds to build a floating temple on the lake.

To pay respects to this 535 year old Buddha image, you need to take a short ride on a paddle

boat from the banks of the lake. The service is available every day during 8:30 am - 5:30 pm. The

fee is 20 Baht for an adult and 10 Baht for a child. The  lake is also a major food source of the

province. Many fishermen ride their boats to net or bait fish and sell them to restaurants around

the lake. If you stay overnight in the town of Phayao, check out the morning alm offering to monks.

The procession is hosted around 7:30 am and can be found next to the pier where you board the

boat to the temporary temple. Locals and visitors are asked to kneel on a long mat and place

sticky rice in a monk's bowl while dozens of monks and novices walk in a line to accept offerings. Other foods, snacks or bottles of soft drinks and water must be offered separately in two empty bowls put on a table. The sitting style recalls the way of giving alms among Lao people in Luang Phrabang and Thais in Chiang Khan district in Loei.

Wichairacha House was built around 1891 in Manila style. Though being left in a state of dilapidation,

this house is another outstanding old teak wood house in Phrae which is worth visiting. Besides the

fine architectural structure, the house features the intricate wooden fretwork in its gable, veranda and



The Phra That Cho Hae Fair held in around March, involves a procession to carry robes to cover the Chedi. The procession follows the Lanna style. All participants are decked out in traditional Lanna attires.

Doklomlaengban Songkran Muangphrae Nung Mohhom Tae Ngam Ta or Songkran Festival in Phrae on 13 - 17 April every year at Chareun Muang Road ,Yantarakit Kosol Road and Around the City.

Phrae Province, Page 9, Places to see here, & Fesivals held around the Province.

Phrae Province, Places to see here, & Fesivals held around the Province.