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Tung Hong Village This village is located about four km off Highway No. 101. The village is renowned for its good quality blue Morhom shirt which is made of cotton and dyed naturally with indigo.

The Morhom shirt is durable, comfortable and cheap. The production of morhom fabric is a local wisdom inherited from their ancestors long time ago. Apart from shirts, now the morhom fabric is used to make other products too such as trousers, handbags, hats and pillow cases.

In the past, Phrae was the hub of the teak industry in Thailand. Presently many old teak houses still can be found in the old city and are the distinctive feature of the city.  Most old houses with great historical value are more than 100 years old.

So this province is the place where you can truly appreciate the old charm of the north that cannot be found elsewhere.

To explore the cultural attractions in the town at a more relaxing pace, you are recommended to hire a pedicab to take you around the town. You can stop whenever and wherever you want and enjoy the place to your heart's content.

As the topography mainly consists of mountains and lush forest, Phrae is endowed with abundant natural attractions - parks, waterfalls, caves, etc.

Due to its long history, it also features many historical sites, Buddhist temples and many other cultural attractions. The inner town of Phrae is surrounded by an old city wall more than 1,000 years old and two km. long.

Phrae Province,Page 10, Tung Hong Village, Maps of Phrae.
Phrae Province,Page 10, Tung Hong Village, Maps of Phrae.

Phrae Province, Tung Hong Village, Maps of Phrae.

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