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Phra That Cherng Chum ( pictured on the right )  - It is built to cover foot prints of four Buddha's  

Phra Kakusantha, Phra Konakom,Phra Kassapa, and Phra Kodom or Phra Sri Ariyametrei

( The present Lord Buddha ). Next to the Phra That is the chapel that houses Luang Por Ong Saen,

a sacred Buddha statue of the province.

Nong Harn - With a depth of three to eight metres, the lake eases agriculture, livestock farming and

fishery of the people around it. There are more than 20 islets in the lake such as Ko Don Sawan, the

biggest islet where deserted temple and ancient Buddha images are located.

Somdej Phra Srinagarindra Park - Located next to Nong Harn, in Tambon That Cherngchum, the

beautiful park acquires total area of 170 rai’s. Mother Princess, Phra Srinagarindra, has presided

over the  opening  ceremony on  November 9, 1987. The  park’s  compound includes an ancient

pond, called  Sra  Pangthong, which was built in the same period as  Phra That Chernchum. The

park comprises  beautiful flower and tree,  jungle area, water park, rock garden, exercising area

and 69 metres high fountain. The park is open for public use in botanical study. It is open between

4 AM and 9 PM. The 60th anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen Park  - The park comprises

botanical garden, pavilion, fountain, viewpoint and bird sanctuary.

Freshwater Fish Aquarium  - Located on Sai Sawang Rd., the Freshwater Fishery Station, the aquarium features different species of freshwater fish endemic to Isan.

Sakon Nakhon Cultural Centre - The centre features tools, belongings, history and documents of different

ethnic groups.

Phra That Dum - The lone Stupa is built with laterite in the same period as Phra That Narai Jeng Veng,

but the stupa is smaller without base. The lintel featuring God Vishnu in reclining position is placed

on the northern arch. Furthermore, there are carving regarding gods riding different animals over the Rahu.

The museum of Archan Man Purithattha Thera  - The museum houses a bronze statue of Archan Man Purithatto and the glass case that houses his ash that turned into crystal. The display, including his tools, is placed in marble altar and his life history is shown nearby.

Sakon Nakhon Province, Places to see, Somdej Phra Srinagarindra Park, Cultural Centre.

Sakon Nakhon Province,Page 3,  Places to see, Somdej Phra Srinagarindra Park, Cultural Centre.