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Phu Phan Rajanivet Palace  - The palace is the royal residence of His Majesty the King, Her Majesty the Queen and royal family during the mission in Northeast Thailand.


Phu Phan National Park - There are 3 forest types within 665 square kilometres Phu Phan. Dry Dipterocarp is the most common covering 42% of the park. Dry everygreen is the second most common and is found mostly in the southern part of the park. Mixed Deciduous is a transitional forest type found between the Dry Dipterocarp uplands and the Dry Ever green areas located next to water.

There are at least 162 species of animals in the park, most of which are birds. There is one herd of wild elephants, but they are in an area with few trails and thus rarely seen. There are also monkeys, barking deer and wild pigs.

Hot season runs from late January until May, with temperatures sometimes reaching 40ºC. Rainy season begins around June and goes on till late October. Cool season lasts from November until January with temperatures in the evening down to about 17ºC.


Tourist attractions within the park

Khom Hom waterfall A small three layered waterfall with water in the rainy season and for a couple of months into the cold season. Popular with locals at weekends.


Phra Tha Phu Phek The ruins of a building built to hold the breast bone of Buddha. Located on top of Phu Phan mountain. People climb the 500 steps to get the good views.

Seri Thai cave.

Sapan Khom or Sapan Hin - It is considered as an ancient bridge to link Sakon Nakhon and the countryside as this area once was swamp. The present bridge is make from laterite, replacing the old one that was removed for road construction.


Phra That Narai Jengveng Stupa  - The lone stupa is built from sandstone on a laterite base and carved beautifully. Its lintel features Lord Krisna killing Lion in Bapuan Khmer art. The art appearing on this Stupa is quite similar to many other Khmer ruins found in Isan.


Phra That Phu Pek  - this ancient Khmer Ruin was built from sandstone, standing on a laterite base.


Phu Phan Mountain Range - The range is quite well known, however, only a handful of people can actually reach its natural beauty, particularly at the border of Sakon Nakhon and Kalasin.




Sakon  Nakhon Province, Places to visit, Phu Phan Rajanivet & Phu Phan National Park