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Phra That Phu Pek  is believed to be built in the 11th century to serve as a Hindu temple. It was adapted to serve Buddhism later.


Wat Tham Kham or Phu Kham - The temple once was a meditation place of Archan Fan Archaro. The temple also houses ashes of Phra Archan Tet Tetrangsi which pilgrims always come to pay homage to.


Archan Fan Archaro Museum  - The museum, in the shape of a pagoda and three folds of lotus, houses a life-size statue of Archan Fan in a sitting posture with a stick in his hand. The other exhibits include ashes in glass box and tools, as well as his history.


Wat Kham Pramong  - This temple served as a meditation place for Phra Kru Santi Worayan ( Luang Pu Sim Buddharo ).

Nam Oun Dam - The clay dam, managed by the Royal Irrigation Department, is built to preserve water from the Nam Oun, a tributary of the Songkram River which originates from the Phu Phan Range.


Prasart Ban Panna  - The Khmer ruin has a lone stupa with a rectangular laterite base and Baray around. It is believed to be built in the same period as Phra That Phu Pek.


Phra That Sri Mongkol - The rectangular pagoda is decorated in modern design and stucco. Its base contains decorations in terracotta featuring history of Lord Buddha. The modern design is a renovation of the old pagoda which had only a laterite core.


Tham Phra Buddha Saiyard ( Tham Phra Thong or Phu Pha Thong ) - The cave is situated at Tambon Kor Kiew, 9 km from Amphoe Warich Phume.


Phu Ang Sor - The mountain is in Tambon Kham Bor, 18 km for Amphoe Warich Phume.


Wat Tham Apai Damrong Tham or Wat Tham Phuang and the Museum of Archan Wan Uttamo - The temple has a four-gabled marble pavilion with a double roof. Its ground floor features paintings regarding the history of the famous monk Archan Wan.

Sakon Nakhon Province, Interesting places to see around the Province.