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Larn U-sa Sawan - The plateau, covering 1,550 rai in area, is situated on the top of Phu Pha Lek. It comprises forest, mountain, rock and grassland, which look like a man-made garden.


Dinosaur graveyard - Many fossils have been found in the middle of the Phu Pha Lek Mountain and at the forest’s edge of Phu Phan. Fossils of plant and petrified wood have also been found.


Hor Song Dao - The observatory is situated at 700 metres above sea level on Phu Pha Lek’s peak. With a full panoramic view, it is a good place to observe the stars and meteor showers.


Huay Huad Reservoir - It is created by the irrigation dam by the initiative of His Majesty the King. There is a strangely shaped rock, by the pavilion on the right side of the reservoir.


Namtok Kham Sang - With a height of 25 metres, these are the highest falls in the park. The falls are 1.8 km from the park’s headquarters.


Phu Pha Yon  - The mountain has beautiful scenery. Its cliff houses carvings which can be dated back to over 3,000 years ago.


Pha Paya Tao Ngoy  - There is a rock in Ngoy Tortoise shape which is going towards Phung Stream. The local believes that tortoise represents fertile land and name the village Ban Tao Ngoy.


Larn Dusita - The vast rock plain turns colourful in late rainy season when various flowers in tiny size are in full bloom.


Phu Pha Lek National Park  Ban Thawat, Pathumwapi Sub-district,  Amphur Song Dao   Sakhon Nakhorn   Thailand 47190 Tel. 0 4272 7003   E-mail reserve@dnp.go.th.


Nam Phung Dam - The first rock fill dam in Northeast Thailand is 1,720 metres long and 40 metres high. The dam generates electricity for the people in Sakon Nakhon and Nakhon Phanom.


Thai So Cultural Centre - The centre features tools of Thai So, an ethnic group that migrated from the left side of Mekong River.



Sakon Nakhon Province, Phu Pha Lek National Park & places to see in the park.