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Phu Pha Yon National Park - It features plateau and sandstone mountain, blanketed by deciduous dipterocarp forest, dry evergreen forest, hill evergreen forest. The trees found in the park include thingar, Lagerstroemia calyculata Kurz, Irvingia malayana. Wildlife found includes barking deer, sambar deer, Asiatic wild dog.


Local Products

Ban Kud Na Kham Arts and Crafts Centre - Located in Ban Kud Na Kham, Tambon Charoen Sil, Amphoe Charoen Sil, the centre is production hub of ceramics, wood carving, silk weaving..

Ban Charn Arts and Crafts Centre - Located at Ban Charn, Tambon Mueng, Amphoe Ban Muang, the centre is production base and training hub for weaving silk and local textile, as well as blacksmith, wood carving.

Ban Pan Mor  - The pottery village Ban Chiang Krua is in Tambon Chiang Krua, Amphoe Muang, 15 km from Sakon Nakhon City via highway 22. The farmers here receive additional earnings through the pottery business.

Wha Yai and Ban Don Daeng Weaving Village - Located in Amphoe Arkat Amnuay, the villages are well known for woven cotton, silk and dye in Khit style or local style. All textiles are dyed in natural dye.



Ruam Nam Jai Tha iSakon Fair and Red Cross Fair  - Held at the beginning of each year by the city hall, the fair comprises floats showing cultures and tradition of different ethnic groups in the province such as Phu Thai, So, Yor, Saek, Ka Lerng, Kula, Vietnamese and Chinese. The float parade starts from Ming Muang Field at 2 pm. and go via Sukkasem Rd. to the city hall. The other entertainments include folk culture contest, traditional dinner, and performances on stage.

So Ram Luk Festival - The festival to commemorate the So ethnic group is held annually on the 4th waxing moon of March at Amphoe Kusumal. Traditional rites conducted by a number of So people will start in late morning.

Boon Mahachart Festival and Boon Bangfai or Rocket Festival, Amphoe Phang Kone - The festivals are held annually in the first week of May. Its activities include the local rocket contest, Mahachart Preying, Phang Kone Cuisine Festival, and the contest of local rocket parade.

Wax castle procession  - Held during the 12th - 15th day of waxing moon in October to mark the end of Buddhist’s Lent, the festival is an exciting showcase. On the night of 13th day, people will join hands in decorating wax castle at Ming Muang Field. The 14th day, beautiful wax castle from different temples will join the procession, roaming the municipality to Wat Phra That Cherngchum Woravihara. Isan people believe that the wax will welcome Lord Buddha who comes back from the heaven to help all creatures on earth.

Boat race  - Held at the same time as the wax castle procession, the ancient boat race takes place at Phang Thong Pond or Tha Nang Arb, Ban Tha Wat.

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