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Places to shop in Sakon Nakhon


Tedsaban Markets, Corner Thanon Pracha Rat and Thanon Khu Mueang. Located close to Big C and MJ hotel, Tedsaban market is primarily a vegetable market but you can also buy some cheap clothes

( Especially of a night time when the market expands to the opposite side of the street. ) and other odds and ends. It's also a great place to pickup a quick Thai meal in a plastic bag.  

Big C Shopping Centre, Corner Thanon Khu Mueang and Thanon Jai Pah Suk. 9 AM - 10 PM 7 days a week. You can pickup your general shopping supplies here. There's also a food court, a MK Restaurant and even a decent Sushi stand.


Places to Eat


Sawitree Coffee, 348/5 Thanon Saereethai ( Travel south past the Big C intersection on Jai Pah Suk and then left on Saereethai. ) 0807733090. A cafe restaurant that serves Thai cuisine, Western style hot coffee and Thai style iced coffee as well as an assortment of cakes. Menu is in Thai only, however the female owner speaks fluent English. Open 10 am to 10 pm.

Green Corner, Thanon Rat Phatthana. A modern bakery and restaurant conveniently located opposite the city's main bus terminal. Sells Thai and Western meals. Popular with expat’s and foreigners also because it's one of the few restaurants that has an English language menu and air-conditioned comfort.  

Baijak Coffee & Steak House, 042747447. 11 am to 9 pm. You can find this excellent little steak house at the back of the PTT petrol station just outside of town on the highway to Udon Thani. English menus provided.

Sakon Nakhon farmers market, ( south west of SN, crossing of road 213 to kalasin ) and rd 223 to Mukdahan). 4 PM to 7 PM daily. fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, meat, fish, takeaway food, and an amazing range of insects, venison, frogs, birds, snakes, larvaes, worms.


Places to Drink


Welcome Bar, Thanon Tor Phatthana. The local ex - pat bar.  Patchachin, Corner Thanon Prem Prida and Thanon Mankhalai. Thai pub and restaurant. Very popular with younger affluent Thais'. No English language menus.

Soi Jet, Suk Kasem Soi 7. Located in a small ally off Thanon Suk Kasem it's hard to find but serves good quality Thai food. It is another pub popular with younger, affluent Thai's looking for a more relaxed night out. Thai language menu only.  

Golden Pond, Thanon Tor Phatthana. A popular discotheque.