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Phitsanulok  is an important and historic city in lower northern Thailand and is the capital of Phitsanulok Province, which stretches all the way to the Laotian border. Phitsanulok is one of the oldest cities in Thailand, founded over 600 years ago. It is probably best known as the birthplace of King Naresuan, who freed the country from Burmese domination in the late 16th century, and his brother and successor King Ekathosarot ( Sanphet III ).

As the cross road between the northern and central regions of the country, it has long been important both for political and strategic reasons, and was fought over many times in centuries past. Phitsanulok was the capital of Thailand for 25 years during the reign of King Boromma Trailokanat of Ayutthaya. Located on the banks of the Nan River, the city was originally a small Khmer outpost known as Song Kwae, before the Khwae Noi River changed its course in the 11th century AD. Phitsanulok was also a provincial centre of the Angkorian Empire during the Angkorian period. Phitsanulok is home to Naresuan University and Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University, as well as to a major Royal Thai Army base.

Phitsanulok Province covers some 10,815.854 square kilometres. The riverside provincial is 377 Kilo meters north of Bangkok. Phitsanulok is situated on the Geographical and administrative line uniting the central and northern regions. It borders with Uttaradit in the North, Phichit in the South, Loei and Phetchabun in the East, Kamphaeng Phet and Sukhothai in the West.

Phitsanulok consists of the mountain region which is one third covers the east and north part of Phitsanulok and the rest is the plain region. The mountain region is medium - high, the highest point is Phu Soi Dow ( 2,102 meters above sea ) and Phu Hin Rong Kla  ( 1,617 meters above sea ), so this part has the cold weather all the year and it covers with forest. Also this part has many water falls and caves such as Kaeng Sopha waterfall.

The plain region has many rivers such as Nan river and Kwae Noi river these two rivers make Phitsanulok named Song Kwae because Song in Thai means two and Kwae  in Thai means rivers, the plain region also has the fertile crop fields. This part has many people and it is also the commercial part.

Distance from Phitsanulok City to its Districts:

Nakhon Thai  97 km's.

Chat Trakan  36 km's.

Bang Rakam  17 km's.

Bang Krathum  35 km's.

Phrom Phiram  40 km's.

Wat Bot  30 km's.

Wang Thong  17 km's.

Noen Maprang  75 km's.