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King Naresuan the Great’s Shrine  The Shrine was built in 1961 at the site of the Chan Palace where King Naresuan the Great was born and raised. The Shrine represents the Thais utmost respect to their beloved King who liberated the nation from Burmese power. Within the Shrine is a seated image of King Naresuan the Great pouring water from a golden container symbolizing the declaration of Ayutthaya's independence from Myanmar.

Chandra Palace was the birth place of King Naresuan the Great and King Ekatosarot. It is located at Phitsanulok Phittayakom. At present the government is going to excavate more this place and will make this place to be attractions in the future.

Town Wall and Moat  It was built during the reign of King Borommatrailokkanat of Ayutthaya to prevent the attack of Lanna troops. Today's, remains of the old wall can be seen at Wat Phothiyan, Wat Noi, the Police Station, and the moat along the Phra Ruang Road.

Thai Bird Garden It is a bird conservation centre that displays endangered as well as extinct birds of Thailand, and birds mentioned in Thai literature;  oriole, barbet, common koel, green magpie, blue magpie, etc.

Textile Museum and Life Museum displays textiles and garments from different sources domestically and internationally. Nearby is a Life Museum that displays the Thai way of cotton weaving, from cotton growing to high-class techniques in weaving.

Wat Ratchakhiri Hiranyaram Located on Khao Samo Khlaeng, Ban Samo Khlaeng, about 14 kilometres from Phitsanulok on Highway 12 and 3 kilometres before reaching Amphoe Wang Thong.

The hilltop temple houses two Buddha’s footprints, one is a replica and the other is on the face of a

Western cliff. A  celebration is held annually in February. The temple also houses a thousand -

handed Guan Yin statue, three tons in weight, from  Hangzhou, China, which was carved out of white

Jade and sent here in 1992. On the mountain, there is a pond that never runs dry since ancient time.

Uphill from the Guan Yin statue, there is a shrine of Heng Jia, the monkey hero, which is frequented

by Thai Chinese visitors. The top most viewpoint of the mountain is the location of Phra  Mahathat

Chedi  Si Bowon Chinarat where the  Buddha’s forehead bone relic is enshrined. The Chedi has a

lotus shaped spire, with a walking Buddha image on each side of its square base.

Phitsanulok Province, Page 5,  Places to see, Wat Ratchakhiri Hiranyaram, Thai Bird Garden, Chandra Palace.

Phitsanulok Province, Places to see, Wat Ratchakhiri Hiranyaram, Thai Bird Garden, Chandra Palace.