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Sukhothai Era ( The first capital of Thailand 1238-1378 )


Phitsanulok was the major city in the east of Sukhothai that was governed by the son of the King because the King wanted to prevent Sukhothai Kingdom from invading by Ayutthaya Kingdom, the second Thai Kingdom which was built at the same time.

Ayutthaya Era ( the second capital of Thailand 1350 - 1767 )

At that time Phitsanulok play the more major than it used to be. It was governed by the son of the King and also governed by the King, Borom Tri Logkanard, so  that time Phitsanulok was the capital of Thailand for about 25 years ( 1463 - 1487 A.D. ). Besides, Phitsanulok was the birth place of King Naresuan the Great (reign:1590 - 1605 ),he was the King that stated the independence from the first dependency by Burma in 1584.


Thon Buri Era ( the third capital of Thailand 1767-1782 )


After the second dependency by Burma in 1767 there are many groups in Thailand that wanted to defeat other groups. Phitsanulok was one of these groups. But in the end the Thon Buri group won so Thon Buri was the third capital and Phitsanulok was the major city again.


Rattana Kosin Era ( tha present capital of Thailand 1782 to the present )


After the short time of Thon Buri Era, The first King of the Rattana Kosin Kingdom ( Bangkok ) built the present capital, Bangkok ( 1792 / present ) .The fifth King of this Kingdom, King Chula Longkorn the Great reign:1867-1910, managed Phitsanulok to be the main city of the Phitsanulok Precint. After that time the Precint administration was over and Phitsanulok was set to be the province. At the present Phitsanulok consists of nine districts, Muang Phitsanulok district, Wang Thong district, Bang Rakam district, Bang Krathum district, Phrom Phiram district, Nakorn Thai district, Wat Bot district, Chat Trakarn district, and Noen Maphrang district.


The lands situated in the present day Phitsanulok Province were inhabited since the stone age, although the neolithic inhabitants of the region are not likely to have been the ancestors of the modern Thai people who reside there today. The earliest historical records relating to what is now Phitsanulok Province shows that at a time before or during the 11th century, the present-day city of Phitsanulok was but a small strategic Khmer outpost known as Song Khwae.

Phitsanulok Province, The history of the Province