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Local Products around Phitsanulok


Bang Krathum Sun - dried Banana  The soft and sweet sun-dried banana is famed for its delicious taste.

Supatra Preserved Pork The hygienic pork is a famous product by a local family business.

Mi Sua  The white noodle from Phitsanulok is famed for its softness. Bang Rakam Fish Sauce  Amphoe Bang Rakam has long been famous for its fish sauce made from mud carp from the Yom River. Although it is not as tasty as fish sauce from sea fish, it is quite hygienic.

Na Chan Broom  People from the poor region in Amphoe Chat Trakan earn extra income from broom making.

Naresuan Fighting Cock  The white tailed fighting cock is famous for its endurance in fighting. It is believed that King Naresuan the Great used a white-tailed cock in a cock fighting game with King Ubaraja of Burma.


Phitsanulok is not a tourist oriented city, and there is not a broad range of guesthouses. However, there are several good options at rates much lower than in Bangkok or Chiang Mai.


Budget Hotels


Phitsanulok Hotel. Right across the street from the train station is this big hotel with small rooms. It feels like a barracks, the rooms cost 200 Baht. Not really a bargain but it's ok. Fan, table, chair, shower, indian toilet. You get toilet paper, water, soap and a towel. Check out 12 am. The staff hardly speak any English. Good option if you arrive with the train late at night.


No. 4 Guesthouse. A good option for budget travellers.


LiThai Guesthouse, 73/1-5 Phayalithai Road (south of the train station), Tel: (055) 219 626-9 Fax: (055) 219 627 ext 500. Very clean, it has moderate prices starting at 250 Baht for a single fan room with en-suite bathroom. In-room WiFi is free of charge!


LV Gardenhome ( http://www.lvgardenhome.150m.com/ ) Very nice hotel - 2 storey with rooms surrounding central garden with water features. Bathroom, AC, TV and free WiFi in all rooms. Outside the city near Big C. Bus ( 9 Baht ) and Songtaews (10 Baht) during the day but no transport into the city in the evening; meaning you have little choice of what to do in the evenings as the place is quite remote. There are a few restaurants across the motorway open at night. Monthly rate 3500 Baht is for a minimum of three months stay. .


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