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Chiang Mai Old City Walls & flooding in the town October 2005

Chiang Mai showing the really bad downpour they had in October 2005. Picture A shows how everyone had to get about, this is the main street leading to Downtown Hotel.

Picture B shows Downtown Hotel pumping out the water.

Picture C The main cross roads in the town, what was strange was that 100 metres up the road in the direction the motorbike is heading the water did not appear to have flooded the town.

Picture D. Showing the depth of water outside the Downtown Hotel

The River often floods the town when rain is non stop, even the trains could not get through to Chiang Mai.It was not fun having to wade to the hotel in what was then cold water.


Street scene Chiang Mai showing the old walls

Chiang Mai Page 4, When the big rains hit the town

Tuk Tuk waiting by the old city walls

Chiang Mai Page 5, Wat's around the Province
Chiang Mai Page 4, When the big rains hit the town