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Wat Rong Chang Phichit is one of the most ancient and sacred provinces in Thailand popularly known for its Buddhist shrines that are believed to have been constructed centuries ago. One such important shrine that is considered as highly sacred by the locals is the Wat Rong Chang.

Wat Rong Chang is an old Buddhist monastery located in Tambon Rong Chang five kilometres

From the town of  Phichit on the Phichit Wang Chik Road. The  entire area where the temple

currently exists was originally known as Kong Chang or elephant gathering. During the reign

of Phtaya Kottabong, the entire area was a popular resting spot for elephants and their mahouts

( elephant handlers ). Since the temple was  strategically located on the banks of Nan River,

elephants used to gather at this place, take a bath, rest for a while and then move on. Later,

the name of the area slowly changed to Khlong Chang.

The most interesting aspect of this monastery is the large compound present that contains thousands of structures and images providing almost a complete overview on Buddhism. Apart from these there are several other interesting features inside the temple that include images of Lord Buddha among the trees located around the temple, an old Ubosot, a modern vihara and a large Chedi with an underground room. This underground room is being used to preserve the bricks on which all the 84,000 sections of Buddhist scriptures have been inscribed.

The basic objective behind the construction of this room is to safeguard these precious scriptures if of any unexpected events such as a nuclear war that can erase the existence of Buddhism from this world. Present behind the Ubosot are three giant images of Lord Buddha cast in three different postures that include a Buddha image subduing evil, a reclining Buddha image and a restraining Buddha image.

Wat Hua Dong  -The temple is build around year 2413 Thai Time ( 1870 our time ) In the area of 40

rai. There is something interesting about February in the year 2538  Thai time ( 1995 our time )  Is

found a Buddha statue as Luang Pho Ngin that have 5 inch width is made from brass. Insert up from

Lagerstroemia speciosa tree. Expected that the age of 20 years. Phichit inhabitants and the public

to worship more.

Bung Si Fai is a large fresh water lake to the south of town. It is a Fishery Department's facility to breed fresh water. Along the banks is a delight fully landscaped park suitable for rest and recreation. The scenery is at its most scenic in the early morning and late afternoon. On the other side of the park is an aquarium exhibiting species of native fish and local fishing equipment. An eye catching sight is a gigantic, crocodile shaped structure within which is a space which can be used for meetings.

Phichit Province, Page 5, Places to see & Visit, Wat Rong Chang Phitchit, Wat Hua Dong.
Phichit Province, Page 5, Places to see & Visit, Wat Rong Chang Phitchit, Wat Hua Dong.