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Utthayan Muang Kao Pichit About seven kilometres from town on the Phichit-Wang Chick road ( no. 1068 ) The park features an ancient town dating back more than 900 years. Most of the structures discovered were built

during the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods. The old town is surrounded by city walls and moats.

During the Sukhothai period it was called Muang Sa Luang situated on the original bank of the

Nan River before the river changed its course, which was the reason the town itself was moved to

the new bank in circa 1881 during the reign of king Rama V. In the town centre is Wat Phra Si

Rattana Mahathat with its large bell shaped Chedi inside of which have been found hundreds of

votive tablets. In front of the Chedi are remains of a Wihan. There are score of small Chedi's scattered

around the site.

Local Products

Fruit growing is one of Phichit's major occupations. Among its more well known produce are pomelo, jack-fruit, Krathon and Maprang. Fruits are also use in making several kinds of products.

Som O ( pomelo ) is probably Phichit's most well known and best-selling fruit. Grown mainly in Pho Prathap Chang district, it has a mixed sweet and sour taste and has no seeds. The flesh is pinkish. There are two seasons for pomelo - October and April. The peels of young pomelo are made into jam-like sweets, highly popular as snack.

Makham Kaeo  is another highly popular buy. The tamarind fruits are turned into a kind of candy which has a pleasant taste of sourness, saltiness, sweetness and slight pungency.

A popular handicraft of the province is the colourful hand woven fabric


Boat racing  is a traditional event of long standing. It is usually held after the homage-paying rites to the province's principal Buddha statue during September each year on the Nan River in front of Wat Tha Luang.

Distances from Phichit city to its districts:

Bang Mun Nak 50 km's.

Pho Prathap Chang 25 km's.

Taphan Hin 28 km's.

Pho Thale 66 km's.

Sam Ngam 18 km's.

Thapkhlo 44 km's.

Wang Sai Phun 31 km's

Phichit Province, Page 6, Local Products Available, Map of Phitchit.
Phichit Province, Page 6, Local Products Available, Map of Phitchit.
Phichit Province, Page 6, Local Products Available, Map of Phitchit.
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