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Kamphaeng Phet is one of the provinces ( Changwat ) of Thailand, located in the north of the country. Neighbouring provinces are ( from north clockwise ) Sukhothai, Phitsanulok, Phichit, Nakhon Sawan and Tak. The word Kamphaeng means Wall, and the word Phet from Sanskrit Vajra meaning diamond (or weapon of Indra). Hence the name of the province literally means Diamond Wall. The main river of the province is the Ping, one of the sources of the Chao Phraya river. River flats make up much of the east of the province, while the west is mostly mountains covered with forests. One of the most well - known products of the province is banana. Banana festivals take place in the province every year, to thank the gods for the harvest. Kamphaeng Phet already was a royal city in the Sukhothai kingdom in the 14th century, then known under its old name Chakangrao. It formed an important part of the defence system of the kingdom, as well as later of the Ayutthaya kingdom.

The provincial seal shows the city walls surmounted by diamonds, for the city name means diamond wall. The provincial tree is the areca nut palm ( Acacia catechu ) and the provincial flower the Bullet Wood ( Mimusops elengi ).

The province is sub divided in 11 districts ( Amphoe ). These are further sub divided into 78 sub districts

( Tambon ) and 823 villages ( Muban ).

1. Mueang Kamphaeng Phet   2. Sai Ngam   3. Khlong Lan   4. Khanu Woralaksaburi   5. Khlong Khlung  6. Phran Kratai 7. Lan Krabue   8. Sai Thong Watthana   9. Pang Sila Thong 10. Bueng Samakkhi   11. Kosamphi Nakhon.

As a province somewhat off the typical tourist route, Kamphaeng Phet is best reached via private car or public bus. However, it is possible to take a train or plane to nearby Ubon Ratchathani and then a short bus to Kamphaeng Phet. Once there, it may be easier to get around with your own car, but there are standard forms of local transport available for visitors: e.g., songtaews, motorbike taxi, and tuk tuk.

Getting to and from Kamphaeng Phet

By Car:

From Bangkok, take Highway No. 32 to Nakhon Sawan via Ayutthaya, Ang Thong and Sing Buri and then proceed along Highway No. 1 to Kamphaeng Phet, a total distance of 358 kilometres.

By Bus:

Both air-conditioned and non air-conditioned busses leave daily from Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal ( Mo Chit 2 ). Call 0 2936 2852-66      0 2936 2852-66       or visit www.transport.co.th for more information.

Getting Around Kamphaeng Phet

As in most rural Thai provinces there are typically songtaews that follow established routes around the provincial capital and between towns within the province. Songtaews, motorbike taxis, and samlors

( three wheeled pedal powered cabs ) are usually available for private charter as well. As the town is relatively small it is also easy to get around by bicycle, which are available at select guesthouses and hotels.

Kamphaeng Phet Province, Page 1, Geography, Districts, Seal of Kamphaeng Phet & Map
Kamphaeng Phet Province, Page 1, Geography, Districts, Seal of Kamphaeng Phet & Map