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Kamphaeng Phet National Museum  located on Pindamri Road in Mueang district, houses ancient objects and other antique art articles from various eras found in the provincial town. These include sculptured and earthen designs, heads of Buddha statues, traditional celadon products, sculptures of demons and celestial and human beings used to decorate Chedi bases or Vihans.

Wat Phra Kaeo, comprising a large group of ancient monument, was laid out in a rectangular

plan. Important buildings were built along an east-west axis parallel to the southern town wall.

Considering the different forms and sizes of parts of the laterite boundary wall, the buildings

within the temple were presumably constructed and renovated at different times. According to

the legends of Phra Buddha Sihing and the Emerald Buddha images as well as a book entitled

Chinnakan Malipakon, these two images were brought to Kamphaeng Phet and enshrined in this

temple. When King Rama IV of the Rattanakosin Period visited ancient Kamphaeng Phet, he

called a large group of ancient monuments in the heart of the town "Wat Phra Kaeo", and it has

been known by this name since then.

Phra Ruang Hot Spring (  Bueng Sap )  is located at Mu 3, Tambon Lan Dok Mai, 13 km from Kamphaeng Phet, 12 km on the left side off Highway No. 101. The five spots of hot spring naturally took place from under the ground. The temperature is about 50-65 °C. From a test of the Ministry of Public Health, there is neither contamination nor diseases, which are too harmful in accordance with the standard.

Kamphaeng Phet Province Museum  nearby is made up of groups of Central Region applied architectural style structures. There are exhibitions on the local history with replicas of the city, lifestyle and urban and hill tribal customs and traditions.

Wat Phra Borom That  is a temple situated in the centre of Mueang Nakhon Chum featuring a Burmese-style Chedi. To the south is an Ubosot housing several Sukhothai- and Ayutthaya-style bronze Buddha statues. The Chedi itself is believed to originally have been a Sukhothai-type structure, its style having been altered during a restoration work financed by a wealthy Burmese about a century ago. Another ancient town is Mueang Trai Trueng. It was built by King Chaisiri of Chiang Rai who fled invading enemy in 1542 B.E. ( circa 999 ). Today most of the structures are in disrepair with only ruins of Chedi's and ramparts. The town is about 18 km from Kamphaeng Phet on the Kamphaeng Phet-Khlong Lan road.

Talat Kluai Khai  is on the Kamphaeng Phet Nakhon Sawan highway at Km .343. Scores of roadside stalls display and sell both raw and ripe Kluai Khai ( a type of bananas ).

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