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Khlong Lan National Park  covers an area of some 300 km² over mountain ranges to the west of the province. The highest peak is about 1,400 metres. Of mainly virgin jungles, it is the source of several streams which flow into the Ping River. The park headquarters is near the Khlong Lan waterfall, about 60 km from town. Attractions within the park includes the 95-metre high Khlong Lan Fall with scenic surroundings, and the Khlong Nam Lai Fall , a 9-level cascade and located off Highway no. 1117 at Km. 35 and ten km further on). The Kaeng Ko Roi  ( off Highway No. 1117 at Pong Nam Ron intersection ) is a group of rock formations jutting out of the stream looking somewhat like all islands.

The park was declared a national park on December 25th 1985 as the 44th park of Thailand.


How to get there


To get to Klong Lan national park use the highway no. 1. At km 346 mark, take a left turn to the road number 1117 and travel to Klong Lan district for 36 km. At Kong Lan market, turn right into the marked road for 6 km to the headquarters.

Contact address Klong Lan National Park Amphur Klong Lan, Kampaeng Phet Province 62180 Tel: 055-719 304


Mae Wong National Park forms the border between Kamphaeng Phet and Nakhon Sawan and covers an area of about 894 square km. Most of the land is rich in various types of plants. Along the Khlong Lan -Umphang route passing through the park's area, which leads up to the mountains, are several viewing points between km 81 to 115. At Km. 102 is a beautiful road-side waterfall. Other falls within the park includes the Mae Krasa , Mae Liwa and others.


Khlong Wang Chao National Park is located in King Amphoe Kosamphi Nakhon, 43 km from Kamphaeng Phet. This is an abundant forest with a density of naturally growing teak and beautiful waterfalls. Nearby the park, there is a hill tribe village.



Kamphaeng Phet Province, Places of Interest to see, Klong Lan National Park, Map & Video

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