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Wat Phra Si Ariyabot ( Iriyabot ). ( Top right picture )  Also a large temple which was built during the 15th - 16th Century A.D. this temple also contains a larger Viharn and a smaller Ubosot, while the most significant structure visible today is the Mondop. The mondop contained four niches, one on each side. Each containing a Buddha image. The standing image is still  in best condition today but there are also a walking Buddha image, a reclining one as well as a seated Buddha.

Mueang Nakhon Chum  is an ancient town on the west bank of the Ping River. Its 2-3 metre-high earthen walls run along the waterway. It is in this area that the famous religious tablets of Kamphaeng Phet have been discovered. Within the city walls are a couple of ancient sites such as the Kamphaeng Pom Thung Sethi located on Phahonyothin Road just before entering the town. It is part of the laterite fortifications 83 metres long and six metres tall.

Wat Chang Rob, ( bottom two pictures ) In Indian mythology, the elephant carries the universe on its back. In Thailand, the animal also symbolises reverence to Buddhism and royalty, and was even the emblem of the country before the national flag was adopted in 1917. This explains the depiction of elephants on  the base of so many Chedi, especially in Sukhothai, Si Satchanalai and here at Kamphaeng Phet. The chedi in Wat Chang Rob rests on a base supported by 68 elephants sculpted from laterite and stucco, hence the name temple surrounded by elephants.

Local Products

Kluai Khai ( mini banana ) is a famous produce of this province. Raw and ripe bananas as well as other local produces such as sticky paste ( made of rice, bean, sesame and sugar )


The Nop Phra Len Phleng Fair  is held during the celebrations of Makha Bucha ( around February ). A tradition since the times of Sukhothai, it is described in the inscription stone found at Nakhon Chum of how processions were organised to pay homage to the town's major religious sites. The fair today consists of colourfully decorated parades of participants dressed in ancient attires crossing the Ping to pay homage to the Holy Relic on the Nakhon Chum side of the river.

Kluai Khai Fair  is held in September each year to promote the local banana for which the province is famous. There are banana contests and competitions on the making of Krayasat ( a local sweet ), as well as many entertainments performances.

Kamphaeng Phet Province, Page 5, Places of Interest to see, Wat Phra Si Anyabot, Wat Chang Rob.
Kamphaeng Phet Province, Page 5, Places of Interest to see, Wat Phra Si Anyabot, Wat Chang Rob.
Kamphaeng Phet Province, Page 5, Places of Interest to see, Wat Phra Si Anyabot, Wat Chang Rob.