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On the east bank of the Ping River, Kamphaeng Phet was a satellite town of Sukhothai, an outpost buffer against the Burmese intrusion.

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park features several historic temples within the old walled city, including Wat Phra Kaeo and Wat Phrathat. There is also Kamphaeng Phet National Museum housing sculpted Buddha heads, earthenware and celadon pottery.

Slightly to the north, a second portion of the park features more ancient temples, including the large Wat Chang Rop with its myriad elephant heads on a small hill, and Wat Phra Si Iriyabot, with Buddha images in four attitudes in front of a pond. In the hills of Khlong Lan and Mae Wong national parks there are fast rivers ideal for rafting, trekking routes, waterfalls and some rock climbing stations. Camping is popular.

A city of historical strategic importance, Kamphaeng Phet is now a charming, quiet province with many interesting natural and cultural attractions. Geographically located in the lower portion of Northern Thailand along the banks of the Ping River, Kamphaeng Phet is 358 kilometres from Bangkok. To the east of Kamphaeng Phet are flatlands, while in the west there are several national parks with high rising mountains and lush, fertile forests. In the areas along the Ping River near the provincial capital of Kamphaeng Phet there were once several ancient towns that served as strategic front-line frontier-posts between the northern and central kingdoms. In fact, the name Kamphaeng Phet literally means strong as walls or forts make of diamonds.

The capital city of Kamphaeng Phet is split into two: the new city, which appears very similar to a typical Thai provincial city, and the old city, encircled by the original fortification walls that now protects a historical park. Kamphaeng Phet is a charming balance of old and new worlds, with comfortable accommodation available in the new city, while historical attractions await visitors in the wall-encircled old city. The town also features a lively street market, and day trip attractions include nearby Khlong Lan National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty filled with exotic flora and fauna.

Geographically located in the Lower North on the bank of the Ping River, Kamphaeng Phet is 358 kilometres from Bangkok. To its East are riverine flatlands while the western areas are made up of high mountains lush with fertile forests where several national parks have been established. Areas along the river bank at present-day Muang district used to host several ancient towns which had played a major role as strategic frontline frontiers since Sukhothai was the kingdom's capital down through the times of Ayutthaya and early Rattanakosin ( Bangkok )  eras. In fact, the name Kamphaeng Phet actually means as strong as walls or forts made of diamonds.

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