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Chan cave located at Tambon Nam Krai. It is the middle cave of the mountains where five of them are located. The way to the cave is very steep and the cave entrance has a semicircle shape. Inside we can see a huge room; ceiling is about 20 meter high and in the middle of the cave of front area a Buddha image is located. Stalagmite and stalactite are lovely while weather is very comfortable and cool.

Tao cave  located at Tambon Nam Krai. It is on another mountain and about 620 meters away from Tham Chan Cave. Cave entrance has several big stones; you have to notice in order to recognize the cave. From the cave entrance, a walk way has an excavation which looks like a stone sculpture. The way to the cave is a bit complicated; on the left side has a 17 metre long hollow being steep until the first room. From here, there is a tiny hole where you can go through. Another room is linked with the right walk way. From here, you can walk to the large room where a six metre high stone pillar is in the middle. In the cave, are beautiful stalagmite and stalactite; weather is comfortable and cool.

Sai Tip Waterfall  located in the middle of the pinery, is one of the most beautiful falls in the park. It has 7 levels, which can be reached by walking from camping area down to the 7th level, each level is not too high, so high so, tourist can admire the beautiful white and clear water falling down along the rocks, covered with moss and lichen which looks like green velvet.

Wat Thamma Thipatai  is where the door panels of the large and ancient Vihan of Wat Phra Fang are kept. The carved design is of the graceful style of the Late Ayutthaya Period. They are rated as the second best such creation next only to those at Wat Suthat in Bangkok.

Wat Tha Thanon houses Luang Pho Phet  the principal Buddha statue of the province. It is of the Chiang Saen style and cast in bronze.

Wat Yai Tha Sao  It features and old Vihan with beautiful wood-carved door panels and lintels.

The Phraya Phichai Dap Hak Memorial ( on the right )  As governor of Muang Phichai ( south of

Uttaradit ) about 200 years ago during the Thon Buri Period, the valiantly fought with Burmese evaders

until one of his swords broke in two. But he prevailed over them. Hence the sobriquet Phichai of the

Broken Sword.

Uttaradit Provincial Cultural Hall  houses important historical relics. A major item is the Yan Mat,

a carved wooden carrying pole made by Late Ayutthaya Period craftsmen.

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